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Article: RIFFS: Hanson records, tours, ages gracefully

Washington Times Young stars ruled the airwaves during the late 1990s, when groups like ‘N Sync and the Backstreet Boys parlayed their boyish charisma into platinum-selling albums. It was a good time to be young and talented, and Hanson easily fit the bill. Made up of three photogenic brothers, the band proved to be both visually and musically… Read More »

Article: Much more than "Mmmbop"

NinerOnline You’ve heard of them. Regardless of your opinion of them, you know the song that catapulted these three midwestern boys into fame and what some would consider a hole in which they have had to prove their way out of. Hanson had one of the biggest hits of the 90’s with “Mmmbop,” but their biggest accomplishments have… Read More »

Article: Zac Hanson, still MMMBopping after all these years

AV Club New York City A roadie named “Romeo” found him the love of his life “MMMBop,” the 1997 mega-hit by Hanson, established the band as a cultural phenomenon, though the Hanson brothers—Taylor, Isaac, and Zac—were barely teenagers when the song was recorded; drummer Zac wasn’t yet 12 when the multi-platinum Middle Of Nowhere hit stores. The brothers’… Read More »

Setlist: Boston 10-14-09

1. World’s On Fire 2. Great Divide 3. Where’s The Love 4. A Minute Without You 5. Running Man 6. Penny & Me 7. Been There Before 8. Use Me Up (Zac Solo) 9. River (Isaac Solo) 10. Carry You There 11. Strong Enough To Break 12. Blue Sky 13. Waiting For This 14. Crazy Beautiful 15. Man… Read More »