Article: Hanson wows the crowd at the Beaumont Club

By | October 5, 2009

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After more than a decade and four studio albums, Hanson still knows how to entertain a crowd.

Albeit that crowd was still 10 years old at heart.

As part of the Use Your Sole Tour, Hanson appeared with Hellogoodbye, who co-headlined the show at the Beaumont Club, also featuring Sherwood and Steel Train.

Hanson started their set with “Stand Up, Stand Up,” the title track of their next album.

The rest of the set was a good mix of both their newer songs and their older hits.

But the crowd definitely seemed to respond best to songs from their first record, Middle of Nowhere.

“Where’s the Love,” in particular, had many fans close to tears with excitement.

While the entire show had the crowd dancing, there was no comparison to the energy in the room when the first chord of “MMMBop” was played. Even members of the opening bands took part in the excitement.

The song variety in the set list was not the only surprising aspect of the show.

The crowd, ranging from elementary school kids to those who could be their grandparents, was not what one would expect going into a Hanson concert.

But the 5-year-olds and the 50-year-olds all had one thing in common – a love for Hanson.

The fan devotion at this show was astonishing. It was amazing to see not only how many new fans they have, but also how many have followed them throughout the course of their career.

It’s admirable for any band to maintain a fan base of such a large range.

Hanson may not put on the most exciting show (there were no special effects, smoke machines, etc.), but for them, it’s not even necessary.

Zac, Isaac and Taylor Hanson could probably manage to please their fans with just their voices alone.

You don’t even have to be a huge Hanson fan to appreciate their raw musical talent.

All three of the brothers sing and play instruments, but Taylor takes the lead with his stage presence.

He managed to get every person in the audience to participate in the performance, whether it was by dancing, singing along or just clapping to the beat – even the Beaumont Club staff got involved.

The Beaumont Club was the perfect venue for Hanson to perform.

It was large enough to accommodate all the screaming fans, yet still small enough to make the concert more intimate for each crowd member.

With a large dance floor and rails along the sides of the stage, people were able to enjoy the concert however they pleased.

Some chose to make it a dance party, hanging out at the back of the floor throughout the entire set, while others hung out near the stage, attempting to get as close as possible to the action.

Overall, we would give the concert four out of five stars.

There was nothing we truly disliked about the show, but there was also nothing extremely memorable that stands out in our minds. If given the opportunity, we would probably see them again in the future.

As for now, however, we have had our Hanson fix for a while.

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