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By | October 26, 2008


If you were a pre-teen in the 1990s, you were probably a Hanson fan.

The trio of brothers named Isaac, Taylor and Zachary Hanson took the country by storm with the 1997 No. 1 single “MMMBop.” They followed that success with the No. 27 hit “Where’s the Love” and the No. 9 song “I Will Come to You” from their debut disc “Middle of Nowhere,” before they fell on deaf ears in the next decade.

The Hanson brothers managed a No. 20 chart hit with 2000’s “This Time Around,” but the pop group (which was only in its teens then) became an industry joke. That gave the guys time to grow up and improve upon their teen, boy-band appeal.

Hanson should have done what Donny Osmond did when he tried to shake his teen idol image in the 1990s. Osmond released his comeback single anonymously and listeners loved it. They didn’t recognize his voice, but enjoyed the material. Likewise, Hanson’s sound has matured during the last 10 years, as the boys have become men, gotten married and raised children of their own.

If you listen to the Hanson albums “Underneath” (2004) or “The Walk” (2007) without knowing who is performing, you would categorize them as roots rock with a pop edge. Try it. You might just like “Georgia,” “Fire on the Mountain,” “Your Illusion” or “Great Divide” from last year’s release.

And if you are still one of those doubters, check out the group’s 1997 holiday CD “Snowed In” (now reissued as “Christmas Collection”). It is one of the best pop/rock Christmas albums you will ever hear.

Catch the trio performing Wednesday at the Keswick Theatre.

Show time is 8 p.m. Tickets are $35 to $43.50.


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