Article: Nov. 4 concerts cause a quandary: Art or politics?

By | October 24, 2008

It was most likely an oversight, says Isaac Hanson, one-third of the pop trio Hanson. He and his two brothers will also be in town and in concert at the House of Blues on election night.

“I am definitely bummed that it’s such an important political season and we’re on the road during it,” Hanson says. “Tour dates are scheduled well in advance and, as an artist, you’re usually not made aware of the dates until your promoters have figured out the logistics of the tour routing.”

Chicago has always been a good town for the band, though, and the band wouldn’t think of canceling the date, he says. “It’s not ideal to be playing on election night, but since Chicago is home to one of the candidates, I can’t think of a better place to be playing.”

Hanson says he and his brothers will vote by absentee ballot, and they’ll be watching returns come in backstage if they can.

“I feel honored to be an American and take the right to vote very seriously,” he says. “We’re very lucky to make these decisions.”

In all likelihood, both Dion and Hanson will have played their final notes before the election outcome is known.


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