Article: Taylor Hanson Barefoot Pictures: The Hanson's 'Take The Walk' For Charity

By | October 22, 2008

The Hanson Brothers walked barefoot for a charity called ‘Take The Walk’ tour in Time Square in New York City. The three Hanson brothers Isaac, Zao, and Taylor Hanson did the charity walk happily and you can see how they had fun in their pictures.

The Hanson Brother’s new album is called The Walk, while they worked on it in 2007 reports have said that the band took trips to Africa in order to better understand what it means for others to be poverty stricken and diseased on a foreign continent. The Take The Walk Tour was act to make the people of the United States more aware of the AIDs epidemic in Africa. They hoped the walk would get more people to understand and help those in need in Africa.

Taylor Hanson got the crowd pumped with a megaphone just before the one-mile walk began. Hanson stated that he would donate $1 for each person that walked. He and others walked barefoot and when questioned by those snapping pictures he stated that everyone’s bare feet were “totally in style” according to the Hanson blog. The goal of the walk is to actually walk 24,902 miles which is the earth’s circumference at the equator. Zac stated on the blog that “No matter how bad of an economic crisis we’re in, we’re still better off than the rest of the world,” he said. “For us, it’s just about the power of the individual — about the way we look at our own power to affect things.”

A very noble cause indeed, this writer gives two thumbs up to the Hanson brothers. (c) tPC


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