Article: 3 new articles from Tennessee

By | October 2, 2008

Hanson Fans Take A Walk Downtown –

Former Boy Band Hanson Helps Poor In Africa –

Former teen hit makers Hanson carry success to adulthood – The City Paper

I’m not really sure how I should post articles… Do you prefer when I post the whole thing? Should I do daily (or weekly) links? A snippit of the article and a link? I feel like the whole thing makes the page look cluttered and overwhelming – but at the sae thing I think that these articles should be included because this blog is essentially a “scrap book” of the tour and should keep note of everything. Please comment with your opinions!

2 thoughts on “Article: 3 new articles from Tennessee

  1. Misty

    I like the full articles, myself. The thing about just doing links to them is that newspaper and magazine sites sometimes take them down after awhile so the links break. Maybe if you’re worried about clutter, you could do the WordPress equivalent of a LJ cut?


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