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The popular ’90s brother-based trio will offer a series of livestream concerts

The coronavirus has effectively cancelled most live performances around our area, and even though places like Jammin Java, The State Theatre and the Birchmere have all successfully held limited socially-distance-style concerts, a lot of the bigger acts who were planning large U.S. tours have been silenced.

One of those bands is ’90s pop stars, Hanson. Comprised of brothers Zac. Isaac and Taylor, Hanson rose to fame in 1997, selling 10 million copies of their debut album, “Middle of Nowhere,” which included the chart-topping single, “MmmBop.”

Over a 28-year-career, the siblings have continued to record and tour, releasing six studio albums and selling more than 16 million albums. Hanson’s most recent album found them playing alongside symphony orchestras in some of the world’s premiere concert halls.

“Our breakout was a combination of hard work and luck, with the stars aligning with the right sound when the world was ready,” Isaac Hanson said. “When I look back now, I am more appreciative than ever that we had the opportunity we had. We are always grateful to every fan that shows us and always pride ourselves with hard work.”

The three brothers were on total lockdown during the pandemic but have been working together in the studio writing this summer.

“Half of what we do is going out and being in front of crowds, so we had to think about what the next three projects we wanted to do are, and used our time to begin writing and recording and planning for the upcoming year,” said Isaac Hanson. “We’ve always been metaphorical in our writing and write what means something to us, but the environment absolutely impacts us. We are looking at the challenges and the need for hope.”

Wanting to give their fans a chance to see them “live,” the band will be live streaming a series of concerts from the landmark Cain’s Ballroom in their hometown of Tulsa, Okla.

“All of us across the country have had our challenges, and we’re starting to see some positives as we try to do the most positive things we can do amidst a really difficult environment,” Isaac Hanson said. “We wanted to find a way to do a limited, safe, audience-participation show and cater to our most engaged fans.”

The first shows will take place Oct. 9-11 and three more shows will follow each month through January with dates of Nov. 5-7, Dec. 4-6 and Jan. 8-10.

“Several things about our fan community and career path play into what makes these concerts really work,” Isaac Hanson said. “All of us are trying to be respectful of people’s comfort and safety. We knew we wanted to find a way to share music with fans, but we also wanted to bring attention to the important live music venues which are facing economic hardship without fans.”

Hanson has worked hard over their career to build a large fan base and keep them engaged through social media and special content posted just for them.

“We wanted to make sure we did something for fans across the world, who hopefully come see us when we go to London or Brazil, or anywhere across the concert, but also wanted to make sure that those who have been the most connected in our community would get a chance to possibly be in the room with us,” Isaac Hanson said. “What’s happening with these shows is the space allows us just enough to have some fans there, spread out at tables with people they know, so they can feel the energy of a live show in a safe way.”

That energy will also be felt by those watching the live stream online and he promises that it will feel almost like being there in person and not just a taped recording.

“Every set of shows will be different, so each month will have a different theme,” Isaac Hanson said. “The October shows will be based on our live album, Live Electric, which we did in Australia 15 years ago and really is a sort of best-of, so we will feature that collection. That has a lot of fan favorites and really unique covers, like Radiohead and U2, and songs that resonated with us during that tour.”

In 2021, Hanson will release a new album and hopefully embark on a live world tour.

“We are really excited our brand new music,” Isaac Hanson said. “Before the pandemic took hold, we had planned to put that out this year. So, we had a chance to polish some things and envision the project a little bit more. Our hope is as we come to a new year, we will all have a safe path forward.”

Party With HANSON and PAPER

Paper Mag

If you’ve been turning to the past for relief from our present, you’re not alone. It’s definitely been soothing to look back at simpler times, especially after the unprecedented year we’ve had. Fortunately, HANSON is kindly offering some wholesome entertainment while honoring their past.


To mark the 15th anniversary of the band’s live album The Best of HANSON, Live And Electric, the brothers are launching their first livestream concert series, which will be broadcast from music landmark Cain’s Ballroom in their hometown of Tulsa, Oklahoma.

The first concerts will take place over October 9-11th, and be followed by three shows each month through January. And to keep fans on their toes, each month will have a different musical theme.

Taylor Hanson, the middle Hanson, shared his excitement for the project: “We are thrilled to return to the stage and share the excitement of live music, both online and in person,” he said. “As both artists and music fans, we know the importance of live music and the power it has to lift our spirits.”

HANSON fans can now buy tickets for the livestreams, or in-person spots for the October shows. Each month’s concert series will be followed by an announcement of the next month’s theme and ticketing info, giving people ample time to prepare for whatever the band has in store next.

At the October shows, dedicated to the 15th anniversary of the Live And Electric album, viewers will hear rarities and covers, along with HANSON classics.

But that’s not all HANSON has in store! After the first concerts, we’ll have the chance to celebrate with Taylor Hanson for an after party on Zoom — hosted by PAPER — where he’ll DJ a special set that showcases all his musical influences. “This DJ set will be a perfect way to round out a night of live music,” Taylor said.

HANSON’s Official Livestream After Party with PAPER will take place October 9th at 10 PM CT. With limited entry, the Zoom code will be announced on @HansonMusic on Twitter at 9 PM CT. See you there!

Photo courtesy of HANSON


HANSON: Streaming All Weekend

This pic takes us back to 2005, one of our favorite venues in one of our favorite cities in the world, the Palais in Melbourne, Australia. Later this week, we harken back to this night with our live streaming series that kicks off Friday, featuring music from this tour, Live And Electric.

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Live & Electric Revisited – This Weekend!

This weekend Hanson will be doing THREE streaming shows from Cain’s Ballroom and streaming them world wide.  While the theme for all 3 is “Live & Electric Revisited” this will only anchor the setlist and no 2 shows will be exactly the same.

There seems to be a lot of confusion so hopefully this will help:

The shows are supposed to be October 9 – 11 but I only see shows the 9th and 10th?
As they say, “It’s October 11th somewhere” (ok, maybe that’s not quite what they say) but due to time zones world wide some people will be watching on October 11th while others will be watching on October 10th!  The shows are at the following time in Tulsa, OK (Central Time Zone) so you will have to adjust to your time zone accordingly:

Friday, October 9th, 7pm CDT
Saturday, October 10th, 1pm CDT
Saturday, October 10th,9pm CDT

How can I purchase tickets?
On Event Brite

How much are tickets?
$15 each or all 3 for $39 unless you are a member…

Is there a Members discount?
Yes! Visit the calendar page on to get your discount code.  On the TOP of the eventbrite listing it says “Enter promo code” Click the link! A box will appear, type your code in and press “Apply” there will now be 2 listings for all the shows.  The ones with the discount will cost $12 and say ( after the listing. The bundle for members is $30

What if I can’t make it to the “live” streaming?
Shows will be accesible to those who bought tickets for 48 hours! So if you’ll miss the “live” times listed above, you can still catch it at a later date as long as it is before those 48 hours are up

Can those attending in person watch the stream repeats?
Yes, Cain’s will be emailing the ticket holder 4 codes that can be used for the streams for them and their table mates.  Instructions on how to redeem them will be included in the email.

Live & Electric T-Shirt color change

The final Live and Electric Shirt print color is a different shade from the color displayed when some had purchased their shirts. The shirts are all the same color and the current website image now correctly reflects it. Those who ordered shirts got them sent so they could see it in person and not have a delay in delivery.  If you are not happy with this new shirt color, you can contact Customer Service for instructions on how to return it.


Speed of Sound – October 6 Podcast

Speed of Sound 

The inside story behind Pop’s resurgence in the mid 1990s from the power players who orchestrated it- including the iconic voice behind MMMBop, Taylor Hanson of Hanson. Steve’s also joined by music mavens Danny Goldberg, Tom Poleman, Phil Quartararo, Karen Glauber and Johnny Wright. It’s an absolutely legendary listen!

Kid A Reaches Adulthood: Radiohead’s Mesmerizing Fourth Record Turns 20


Musicians, filmmakers wax poetic on the importance of the trailblazing band’s 2000 LP

Taylor Hanson

Singer/songwriter, Hanson

Taylor Hanson
CREDIT: Jonathan Weiner

Kid A was really one of their first albums that solidified them as a band that’s about the art. “If you don’t get it, sorry.” They’ve had it all, from the point of view of, they’ve been revered for writing beautiful songs that were sort of pop songs — they were singable, and they were radio darlings — but at the same time, are still respected purely as artists, as creators that are doing it for its own sake. I think that’s what every musician dreams of. To be able to have some of both is sort of the ultimate achievement. But they defined a generation’s musical statement.

When Kid A came out, I remember not getting it at first but then loving what it was saying about this band, which is they decided they needed to make sure they made a record that, if no one got it, it didn’t matter. They made a record they loved, and I think that’s one of the reasons why the song “Optimistic” is one we plucked and put into our live shows some years later. It’s such a tone-setter and walks the line of having enough pop sensibility where we thought we could bring something to it. But ultimately, it was a tip of the hat to an artist who has always chosen the art.

Site Updates

We have been busy working on some updates and upgrades to the site! We are happy to announce they are now LIVE!

NOTE! Some accounts may have lost some concerts in their show count.  If you think this is the case with your account you can either: 1) Add them back by going to each of the tour pages by year once you are logged in and clicking the submit/update button OR B) email with your username and we will try to fix it on our end.  There is a new database and some concerts seem to have gotten left behind (mostly in 2010, 2011 and 2017) and while we have tried to make sure all accounts are accurate, some may have slipped through the cracks.

  • You can now add “virtual” shows to your show count list.  Currently this includes Isaac’s Quaranstreams from earlier in the year and Taylor’s 3 “Home Jams”.  Once they happen, the Live Streaming Tour will also be included.  Each live streaming show will have 2 entries – one for “In Person” and one for the stream.  In person selections will add songs to your “songs heard live count” and “stream” selections will add the songs to your “virtual” count.  We have no plans to retroactively add any livestreams to the database at this time but since 2020 has been such a strange year and memories fade we thought adding these shows may help with the “but wait, didn’t I hear Isaac sing ___?” in the future.

  • The header has a new look and the orange/gray/black theme continues throughout the site
  • Rather than one large list of every concert ever, each year allows you to view all the tour dates and add to your list.  As always, you can’t add to your list until the show has passed. You must be logged in to your account to access the functions of saving shows and to see your song list.

  • Tour history has been tweaked to now take into account canceled shows
  • Every time the song has been performed live will have a musical note icon if you are logged in and you attended that show
  • The by location maps are up and running for desktop and a list of locations for mobile
  • There is now a form to submit a setlist

  • There is now a form to upload tickets

  • Shows by state, province, country will now show a musical note icon if you are logged in and attended that show
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  • Canceled shows will now have a separate setlist icon to see any show details we may have (tickets, reason for cancel, etc.)

  • There is now a list of songs played live in order of number of times AND a list in alphabetical order. These pages still need some tweaking to take mashups/medleys into account, but otherwise should be accurate.

  • We have added a virtual tip jar if you like what we’re doing and want to support increasing hosting fees

  • Overall the site has been made more secure

(As with all new releases, there may be some glitches.  If anything seems to be off, please email and let us know what doesn’t seem to be working and what web browser you are using and any other relevant information!)

We still have some more items on the “wish list” and are always working to add new content to the site! If there’s anything you’d like to see, please leave a comment and we will try our best to make it happen!