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Taylor is featured on Episode #130 of The 8123 Podcast with Pat Kirch and Garrett Nickelson of The Maine.

#130 Taylor Hanson (Hanson)
Pat & Garrett talk with Taylor Hanson about his career in the band Hanson, being in an independent band, & how sticking to a niche audience has let both bands not fizzle away



As promised, today we are beginning to share how we are re-imagining our HANSON Day and we hope it will get you excited for what’s to come. HANSON Day is more than a day, it is a chance to celebrate community and music and we will be celebrating throughout the month of May.

Starting on May 6th, a new weekly podcast will feature live music, deep dives and interviews with YOU our members. We are inviting Members to RSVP in the Calendar section to throw their name in the hat to join the conversation with us every week.

Inspired by the theme of our upcoming album, Against The World, we are going to count the continents with the 2020 Members EP, 1,2,3,4,5,6,7 (sorry UK, we think there are seven) and we’re calling it “Continental Breakfast In Bed”. The 2020 Members EP will be our longest Fan Club EP ever, seven songs, one to go with each continent  and Members can look forward to watching the making of videos ( which will mostly be us eating breakfast, in bed) starting May 15th.

Throughout April we will be sharing more updates on what we have in store, as well as more special video performances celebrating 20 years of We hope you will celebrate with us.

This is just the beginning.

Isaac, Taylor And Zac

HANSON: One Man Band


This week we lost a good friend, Adam Schlesinger, to complications resulting from the Covid 19 virus. Adam was a long time collaborator and band mate of Taylor in Tinted Windows, and we are deeply saddened at this loss. Our sincerest thoughts and prayers go to Adam’s family and the many people he touched through his music, we all feel a great loss.

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Today marks 20 years of! We are so grateful for all the fans who have supported us over the years and the countless ways members have supported us and each other over the two decades this community has existed. As a thank you today, we are sharing some deep cuts from the catalog so make sure to check the blog! Thank you to all the many members who have been around for literally decades. We look forward to celebrating 40 years with you soon!

Isaac, Taylor And Zac

Digital FORT: Hanson (!) play a throwback four-song set from their home studio

The Fader

The sibling trio play “A Song to Sing,” “Strong Enough to Break,” “This Time Around,” and “Where’s The Love.”

The first single I bought on CD, at the age of 6, was Hanson’s “MMMBop” That isn’t in itself remarkable — it went to No. 1 just about everywhere — but I’m still proud of the fact that an uncle I had to visit later that day refused to let me play it on his stereo because it was “the Devil’s music.” I played the thing on repeat after that. In some deep recess of my mind, “MMMBop” holds the same mystic qualities that “Stairway to Heaven” does for people 30 years my senior.

The Hanson brothers took the Digital FORT idea and fully ran with it, performing a four-song set of “A Song to Sing,” “Strong Enough to Break,” “This Time Around,” and “Where’s The Love” from their home studio, harmonizing perfectly and looking way more put together than most of us did after a day of being cooped up in the house.

While we’re here: Did you know that Taylor Hanson was in a power pop group with James Iha of Smashing Pumpkins, Adam Schlesinger of Fountains of Wayne, and Bun E. Carlos of Cheap Trick? They were called Tinted Windows. They’ve got an album on streaming and everything. Go dig for that after you’ve been through this greatest hits set, and get the Smashing Pumpkins-Hanson crossover you never figured you needed.

Digital FORT is a two-day event bringing together over 100 artists to help raise money for those hardest hit by the COVID-19 pandemic. To find a full list of charities, funds, and resources we’re highlighting throughout FORT, click here.

Thanks to our FADER FORT partners BACARDÍ®TRULY Hard Seltzer and &PIZZA.

Lyrics: This is Criminal

Had this one on the back burner since BTTI 2019.  Will be adding it to the database shortly!

Give back my time
That’s a lot of my life I won’t ever get back
You stole my heart
And there ain’t no punishment for this kind of crime
You say hold on tight
But there’s nothing to hold on to
You took it all
And I can’t get back what you stole
Let me believe this beautiful dream then you took it away
This is criminal

Hold on tight
You say come on home
There’s nowhere to go home to
all the pain it brings can’t do simple things dang you cripple me
and a piece of my life has been gone since you went away
and I can’t get back
I can’t get back what you stole
you let me believe in this beautiful dream then you took it away
This is criminal
This is criminal

And I try
To let you go
But I really don’t want to know
Why I keep
Holding on
And the love that you gave is gone
And I can’t get back
I can’t get back
I can’t get back what you stole
you let me believe in this beautiful dream then you took it away
you let me believe in this beautiful dream then you took it away
but I can’t believe it was not meant to be
but you took it away
This is criminal
This is criminal
But you’re really gone

But you’re really gone
This is criminal

HANSON: Bright Spots Every Day


Just like you, we are trying to stay at home while the world works to bring an end to Coronavirus transmission. For everyone who is able, we encourage you to embrace your home time. Make it robe time, coffee time, movie time, maybe even rediscover some music time! Be safe and we will see you soon.

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Quaranstream Setlists Added to the Database

2020 has been an unprecedented year with the COVID-19 pandemic, the postponement of Hanson Day 2020 and many needing to shelter-in-place or self isolate/quarantine.  Since Isaac has been doing “quaranstreams” nightly on his instagram, we have decided to add these setlists to the database for historical reference.  These will not be available to add to your show count as these are not “live” shows but instead “virtual” shows.  The performed live pages have also been adjusted to show the number of times songs have been performed “live” and the number of times performed “virtually”.

Why can’t I add them to my live list?
We have disabled this ability as they are not live shows.  In the past we have also have disabled this ability for the Tinted Windows shows and Special Guest shows as those are not Hanson shows but they are listed just for historical reference.  If you’d prefer to include them in your count, feel free to manually update your total when you tell it to people.

Why don’t you add all the past “live” streams?
This is something we are doing just for 2020. There are no plans to add other streams to the database at this time.  If Isaac only did these streams a time or two, we wouldn’t have added them but the sheer number of them that he has been doing made us decide to find a place to keep track of them.

Will Hanson Day be included?
Yes, we will add a listing for Hanson Day 2020 if that ends up being a virtual performance.  The same would happen if Taylor or Zac also decided to host quaranstreams on their social media.


If you disagree with this, please email your username to and we will gladly remove your account from the system.