Summerfest 2019: Steve Aoki, Hanson and the best and the worst on the side stages on opening day

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Summerfest 2019 started with some old friends, shiny visuals and technical difficulties. Here’s what we heard on the festival’s ground stages Wednesday night.


Trivia question: What is Hanson’s most recent release?

Give up? It’s called … “MMMBop.” That’s right, a four-track EP of remixes of the only song you know by the late-’90s adolescent heartthrobs, compiled just this year. Not that they’ve been idle all this time, but it does all boil down, doesn’t it?

Brothers Isaac, Taylor, and Zac have held fast to a pact: Their selves must forever be this. No matter what more reputable or lucrative avenues may be available to three so talented, photogenic lads, they’ll be Hanson forever.

The crowd at the U.S. Cellular Connection Stage was modest but mighty, unabashed, emanating joy. For 90 minutes, in 2019, irony did not exist. Such is the magic and/or tragedy of Summerfest.

— Cal Roach, Special to the Journal Sentinel

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Tulsa World

July 13: Hanson VR experience

July 13: Hanson VR experience
Noon to 8 p.m. — “Hanson 360” is a free virtual reality experience from Tulsa production company Steelehouse Productions. This experience, located in the Circle’s gallery, “ushers the viewer into the private recording studio of 3CG Records to sit right in the middle of brothers and Tulsa rock icons Isaac, Taylor and Zac Hanson as they craft” a not-yet-released single, “Compromise.” TOM GILBERT/Tulsa World

HANSON: Real to Reel Videos Series!


We are excited to start sharing, the story and the inside look at our new EP In Real Life.


With the release of our new EP, “In Real Life,” we are starting a video series looking at the songs, the recording and our process of recording EPs every year. We’re calling the series “Real to Reel” playing on the title of the new EP (In Real Life) and how our catalog is really a 27 yearlong piece of music chronicling our perspective on life. In addition to the interview today, we are also sharing the first in a five-part music video for the EP starting with the first song, Compromise. Part two will be posted next week for members as well as a new video in the Real to Reel Series to the public looking at the song “Worth The Wait”.

Isaac, Taylor And Zac


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Hanson dan Michael Learns to Rock Ramaikan The 90’s Festival 2019

Medcom (Translated using Google Translate)

Jakarta: Lovers of nostalgic nuances are again spoiled with The 90’s Festival. The fifth year of the 90’s Festival title again presents old international musicians who are popular in the era of Michael Learns to Rock (MLTR) and Hanson brothers.

In the line up of local musicians there is Jamrud, Sheila on 7, Gigi, Portrait, Type-X, Element Reunion, M.E., Chameleon, Dr. PM, and Vina Panduwinata. The Tofu Band fronted by Uya Kuya, Fla, and Anton also gathered to bring the mainstay hits. Likewise with Wong Band, a Bandung-based music group that reunited after 17 years of vacuum.

This year’s Special The 90’s Festival is held for two days on 23 and 24 November 2019 at Gambir Expo Kemayoran, Central Jakarta.

“We see from year to year the enthusiasm of The 90’s Festival is very lively. We also consider the convenience of visitors. Finally, we decide this event will be held for two days,” said Entertainment Acceleration Promoter, Arinda Mentari Putri in South Jakarta, Wednesday, June 19, 2019.

The 90’s Festival tickets are divided into four categories, namely the Daily Pass of Rp520 thousand, 2-Day Pass of Rp720 thousand. For Presale 1 Superfestival – Daily Pass tickets Rp1.3 million and 2-Days Pass Rp1.8 million.

Purchase tickets for The 90’s Festival can be accessed through Traveloka and the official website starting June 21, 2019 at 15.00 WIB.

HANSON: New Music Video Next Week


In a late night change session we officially cast the HANSON Bio pic. Patrick Swayze (circa Red Dawn) as Zac, Stephen Baldwin (circa Usual Suspects) as Isaac, and Leonardo DiCaprio (circa The Revenant) as Taylor.  Who would you cast?


The past ten years have seen a massive transformation in the way we look at our music, and by extension the way we look at the annual EP’s. What once seemed like something extra for hardcore fans now feels more and more essential to the HANSON catalog, and no project made that clearer than when we sat down to pick songs for String Theory. Joyful Noise,  Siren Call, No Rest for The Weary, The Sound of Light (just to name a few) were essential in telling the story of String Theory, and all of them were originally released on EP’s.

With the 2019 members EP, “In Real Life,” we are excited to share more than ever before about why we continue to make the EP’s the way we do, giving them themes and writing and recording under so much pressure. Starting next Friday the 21st, we will begin posting a series of videos highlighting each song on the “In Real Life” EP with our first being “Compromise” posted both on YouTube and  In addition we will also be sharing the first in a five piece narrative video created for the EP.  Part fly on the wall and part music video, but all in the  pursuit of sharing what’s real, even when the music can be surreal.

If you enjoy the videos, then we have good news, there’s a lot more coming. Over the next month, there will be a new interview in our series and a new music video for every Friday. We hope everyone is enjoying this new music and we can’t wait to share what else we are working on.

Isaac, Taylor And Zac


Fan Club Exclusive: At each stop on the String Theory tour, we are giving away a special one-of-a-kind poster to one lucky member.  The poster design is drawn from a Zac Hanson painting created especially for this project, capturing the boy chronicled in the lyrics of Reaching For The Sky.  Every poster features the show’s date, venue and tour, in a four color screen print themed in the purples and blues of the String Theory art and will be signed by Isaac, Taylor and Zac Hanson.

Most Recent Winner:

Buffalo, NY – mgrimm


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HANSON: Planning for the future


Summer is here. A season of getting out on the open road and also a season for looking ahead to the future. Don’t wait for tomorrow.


After years of work, recording a double album, and completing a world tour, we are not ready to see String Theory come to an end. Yes, we are ready to work on what’s next, but String Theory has been a life changing project, one we will never forget, and one we hope we can continue to play for years to come.

During the State of The Band talk at HANSON Day this year, we shared how String Theory has changed the way we are looking at our music, and what projects we want to tackle next.
If every idea was possible what project would you do next?

We want to look out further than we ever have before and both commit to making big creative ideas a reality, and share with you how that future is going to look and sound. If we are going to sing about reaching for the sky, we better do it, and we better bring you all along for the ride. More soon. This weekend we have the privilege of playing String Theory with the Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra. We hope to see you all  there!

Isaac Taylor and Zac

P.S. In the spirit of looking to the future, we are opening the RSVP for HANSON Day weekend today! Join us in Tulsa May 14th-15th-16th 2020. All members are invited to attend. Simply Login, go to the Calendar section and click the RSVP button to let us know you are coming. Look for the full event schedule to be announced later in the year.


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The Weekend in WNY: Hanson, Strictly Hip hit Kleinhans

Buffalo News

Unless you’re a devoted classical music fan, Kleinhans might not be on your usual route when going out.

But, at least for this weekend, the home of the Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra meanders deep into pop culture, welcoming former pop stars Hanson and local stalwarts the Strictly Hip.

These quirky pop/rock-meets-classical back-to-back shows stick out in an otherwise impeccably strong weekend for Buffalo events, with the Allentown Art Festival, Star Wars Night with the Bisons and East Aurora Music Fest all expected to draw large crowds.

Hanson String Theory, 8 p.m. Friday, June 7 at Kleinhans Music Hall (3 Symphony Circle). Tickets range from $29 to $75.

Just when you think you know Hanson, you really don’t. The three brothers – known for pop hit “MmmBop” and late ’90s stardom and swooning – now strive for a more mature feel, exemplified by Hanson’s symphonic accompaniment from the Prague Symphony for its self-produced “String Theory” album, released last fall. The BPO will be tasked with supporting Zac, Taylor and Isaac

If you told anyone, in 2000, that Hanson would one day produce a top-five classical album, you would have been met with a lot of disbelieving chuckles. But it’s happened.


5 things to know about Hanson before their MGM Springfield concert

Mass Live

Hanson will perform an outdoor show at the Plaza at MGM Springfield on Saturday, June 8, at 8 p.m. The show is already sold out. (Photo by Nicholas Hunt/Getty Images)


Getty Images

Hanson will perform an outdoor show at the Plaza at MGM Springfield on Saturday, June 8, at 8 p.m. The show is already sold out. (Photo by Nicholas Hunt/Getty Images)

If you’ve listened to the radio or watched MTV between 1997 and now, you’ve heard Hanson’s “MMMBop” at least once.

Beneath the surface, however, lies a trio that’s more than 25 years, 11 albums — and one craft brewery — into its career, despite the fact that none of its members have reached 40 years old.

Hanson will perform before a sold out crowd of 1,450 at the Plaza at MGM Springfield on Saturday, June 8 at 8 p.m.

For those heading to the show, here are a few things you should know:

Hanson isn’t quite a “one hit wonder.”

Sure, most people know the trio for 1997′s ridiculously catchy “MMMBop” — and for good reason. The hit single took the world by storm upon its release, reaching No. 1 in 27 different countries and receiving praise from VH1, Rolling Stone and the Village Voice as one of the top songs of the decade. Fast-forward two decades, and the residual effect of the song’s popularity is still on display, with concertgoers too young to see the band live in 1997 now possessing the disposable income necessary to relive their childhood.

But Taylor, Isaac and Zac’s recording career didn’t start – or end – with the hit song. By time the year 2000 rolled around, the brothers’ sound veered away from bubblegum pop and toward stadium rock with “This Time Around,” which while not a smash hit, has still sold over a million copies. The band has released a total of eleven albums, the most recent of which, “String Theory,” was released in 2018 and features orchestral arrangements of the band’s material.

“MMMBop” was recorded before members of the band were even teenagers.

In fact, the song’s initial recording (on appropriately-titled demo album “MMMBop”) dates back to 1996. The recording, while bearing heavy resemblance to the single, features a slowed-down tempo and clocks in at over 5 minutes.

What makes this recording significant? “MMMBop” was initially written and recorded while two-thirds of the band were still pre-teens. Taylor and Zac were born in 1983 and 1985, respectively, while elder brother Isaac was born in 1980 – making him 15 at oldest when the song was recorded.

While the late 1990s were inundated with child stars breaking into the music industry, this feat is notable for Zac Hanson in particular: at 12 years old, Zac is the youngest songwriter nominated for a Grammy award and fourth-youngest nominee of all time.

Unlike many other child stars, Hanson wrote their own songs.

The late 1990s had their share of memorable teen pop acts. There were Britney and Xtina. N’Sync and the Backstreet Boys.

But behind every Britney exists a Max Martin. Behind every Backstreet Boys exists a Lou Pearlman. Responsible for many of the aforementioned acts’ biggest songs, Martin currently sits behind Paul McCartney and John Lennon as the songwriter with the third-most No. 1 singles on Billboard charts. Pearlman, while initially rising to fame for launching the careers of the aforementioned boy bands, would eventually fall from grace due to aggressive and fraudulent business practices.

Hanson, on the other hand, has spent the bulk of their career doing the exact opposite. For better or worse, the trio have always prided themselves on writing their own material. In fact, demo album “Boomerang” — recorded before Zac Hanson’s age reached double-digits — featured primarily original material.

Unlike many other child stars, Hanson avoided controversy.

From Jodie Foster, to Macaulay Culkin, to the likes of Lindsay Lohan or Amanda Bynes, child actors, actresses and musicians oftentimes experience significant difficulties as they deal with fame – and public scrutiny – at such a young age. However, this was not the case with the members of Hanson.

Instead, by time its members reached an age old enough to drive, the members of Hanson had already gained a reputation for their philanthropy. All proceeds from 2006’s “Great Divide,” recorded with a school choir in Soweto, South Africa, were directed toward AIDS prevention and research efforts. The band would continue this trend over “The Walk Tour,” using their fame to raise awareness about poverty and AIDS in Africa.

The Hanson Brothers Beer Co. exists – and it’s exactly what you think it is.

Based out of Tulsa, the Hanson Brothers Beer Co. was founded in 2013 and currently offers a half-dozen different beers — all of which pack a punch.

While the company’s website makes little mention of the band or its members, a look at its beer list reveals that its flagship brew, “MMMHops,” was awarded a gold medal in the 2013 World Beer Championships.