‘1921′ Black Wall Street collaborative music project drops Thursday

By | May 27, 2022


TULSA, Okla. — A collaborative album from The Black Wall Street Music project released on digital platforms Thursday, according to Tulsa record label 3CG Records.

The album, entitled 1921, brought together artists from various genres, including Omaley B, Taylor Hanson, Majeste Pearson, Dangerous Rob, Playa 1000, Wayman Tisdale and others. The project reflects “the deep musical heritage of Tulsa, specifically the Greenwood district and historic Black Wall Street,” according to a press release from the record label.

“I really wanted this to be a diverse project,” Executive Producer and founder of One Tulsa Fred Jones said. “I want to see us unify and move forward as a people, especially the kids, we’ve got to figure this out before hatred and racism is passed on to another generation.”

In a statement from the record label, the songs are described as messages of hope in the midst of tragedy, and expectation of a thriving future despite a history of deep loss.

1921 is available on all digital platforms now.

To find out more about The Black Wall Street Music Project contact, Fred Jones Fred@onetulsa.us or go to http://www.theblackwallstreetmusicproject.com/.


1. We Died In Love — Omaley B feat. Jerica Wortham & Sterling Matthews

2. Oklahoma Made — Kode Ransom

3. America’s Prayer — Majeste Pearson

4. For Black Wall Street — D Rob & Playa 1000 feat. Malachi

5. Sound Like Joy (Live from Vernon AME) — Taylor Hanson

6. Kerosene — Omaley B feat. Steph Simon

7. American Fool — Dane Arnold

8. Gold — Kode Ransom

9. The Velvet Dancer — Washington Rucker

10. Come On Up — Omaley B feat. Branjae

11. Where We Meet — Lester “L2″ Shaw

12. The Sun Will Rise Again — Doc Shaw feat. L2 & Retsel Shaw

13. Sultry Summer — Wayman Tisdale

14. Tulsa Chillin — Wayman Tisdale & Arthur Thompson

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