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How Hanson Helped Invent Social Media

ZogBlog The band that brought the world “MMMBop” also created the first massive web-native superfan club—which continues to pay dividends today. It’s hard to comprehend the enormity of Hanson’s 1997 smash “MMMBop” in today’s content-stuffed world. Back then, that one song topped charts in 27 countries simultaneously and turned three brothers from Oklahoma into superstars overnight. Given the… Read More »

RIYL Podcast Episode 491: Taylor Hanson (of Hanson)

RIYL In 2022, Hanson will celebrate 30 years as a band. It’s a remarkable accomplishment for any group, let alone one whose members ranged from age six to 11. The group was propelled to success in its earliest days on the strength of its 1997’s Middle of Nowhere, a multi-platinum debut. Hanson’s seventh’s studio release, Against the World,… Read More »

The Big Takeover: Interview: Taylor Hanson

The Big Takeover 5 November 2021 Photo by Jonathan Weiner The members of pop rock band Hanson – brothers Taylor Hanson (vocals/keyboards), Isaac Hanson (guitar/bass) and Zac Hanson (drums) – rose to fame as teens with their 1997 worldwide hit “MMMBop.” Since then, they’ve managed to avoid the many personal and professional problems that can plague young artists as they navigate the difficult transition into an… Read More »