HANSON: Home For The Holidays

By | November 12, 2021

Isaac and Zac say “Hey” during group vocals for the upcoming album, releasing in 2022.

After almost four weeks traveling and recording, we are back in Oklahoma enjoying the thunder storms and the crisp fall weather. There is nothing quite like an Oklahoma storm. Watching the sky open and the lightning crash, and seeing every person reminded where they fit in nature’s law. After the high winds and the harsh storms roll on to parts further north and east, the world seems to emerge renewed. The distinct smell of the air after it has been electrified by lightning, and everywhere you look things are freshly cleaned of dirt and grime. In its own way the creative process can be like a storm, coming on fast, full of turmoil and bluster, but when everything settles, when the hard work is complete, you find yourself washed clean and at peace with whatever you have created.

Against The World is out now and what a journey it has been. We created and released this album during such a time full of upheaval, and now, just one week after the release of Fearless everything seems more at peace. It is hard to know where that feeling comes from, but if it is only a reflection of a job complete and a journey done, we embrace it. Fearless stands at the end of Against The World as a final statement. If you could walk away with only one thing from this collection of songs, and leave everything else behind, to live without fear seems something very worth of striving for.

After the Thanksgiving holiday, we will be back in the studio again working on music for 2022, and that of course, includes the 2022 Members Only EP. We have a world tour planned and it is looking more and more like the announcement will come in Q1 2022, but between now and then we will do our best to keep sharing everything we can. Speaking of sharing, Hanson.net members look for a New HTP episode on Fearless to drop next Friday. Looking forward to sharing more soon.

Isaac, Taylor and Zac

The creation of Fearless was deeply inspired by our album “String Theory” and because of the connection it carries with it, the intensity of that project. The Symphony is upfront, and the sense of scale and consequence are ever present. We hope it will be a song that can drive you to reach for new heights in everything you do, no matter how impossible they might seem today.

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