This Time Around Song Stats

By | June 28, 2021

The second of the Summer Concert Series of “Against the World +” will feature select songs from Hanson’s sophomore album, fan favorite This Time Around. The most played tracks from this album are of course the singles – This Time Around and If Only. The more rare tracks from this album to be played live are Sure About It, Love Song and Save Me.  Which album tracks do you think will make the cut?  This album also had several B-Sides that are known to show up in setlists every now and then – Lonely Again, I Don’t Know and Smile.  Which would you like to hear the most?  And then of course there is the unreleased track, Bridges of Stone.  It has been played live a baker’s dozen times and was also on the setlist for the TTA Acoustic show in May as part of the encore and was skipped.  Do you think it may make it onto the July 3rd setlist?

You Never Know – 224
If Only – 627
This Time Around – 695
Runaway Run – 270
Save Me – 104
Dying To Be Alive – 56
Can’t Stop – 212
Wish That I Was There – 133
Love Song – 91
Sure About It – 69
Hand in Hand – 221
In the City – 393
A Song To Sing – 172

Lonely Again – 22
I Don’t Know – 19
Smile – 32

Bridges of Stone – 13

What are your thoughts on This time Around? What do you most want to see included in the setlist? What would you like to see as solos or acoustic? Leave a comment with your thoughts!

Check out the partial and missing setlists from the This Time Around tour below to see if you can help us fill in any blanks!


September 02, 2000 Greensboro, NC War Memorial Auditorium
September 09, 2000 Hampton, VA Hampton Bay Days
November 17, 2000 Belo Horizonte, Brazil Minas Centro


November 05, 2000 Buenos Aires, Argentina Luna Park
November 09, 2000 Sao Paulo, Brazil Credicard Hall
November 12, 2000 Porto Alegre, Brazil Gigantinho Ginasium
November 15, 2000 Rio De Janiero, Brazil ATL Hall

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