The Masked Singer Episode 11

By | May 13, 2021

Song: I’m Still Standing

It’s insane to think we’ve fallen in love with a wooden, rosy cheeked, Russian babushka. It sort of feels like home.
Ok here we are inside… what do we call this thing?
Big Bertha is what I’m going with
Here’s what we actually see while we’re on stage
Yeah, nothing, it’s dark.
The advantage is that the panel has no idea how many of us are in here.
But the disadvantage is it’s like walking around with a sandbag and the sandbag is 4 feet around. Yet somehow, thanks to all our shakes, spins and wrist choreography, we’re still standing.
And it would mean so much more to us to go even further.
Hey, we didn’t come here not to win.
But first, the star who’s inspired us is our other friend Weird Al Yankovic. He’s literally given us great direction in our lives.


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