Did Hanson Just Spoil ‘The Masked Singer’ Elimination Ahead of Tonight’s Show?

By | May 13, 2021

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Fans of The Masked Singer are always one step ahead of the competition. After the group Hanson who *spoiler alert* are The Russian Dolls on the show posted about their new song, our wheels were turning. Will The Russian Dolls be unmasked during tonight’s episode?

Hanson Potentially Spoils Elimination From ‘The Masked Singer’

Just hours before The Russian Dolls are set to take the stage during tonight’s episode of The Masked Singer, Hanson premiered their new music video for the song “Annalie.” Isaac, Taylor, and Zac Hanson all posted behind-the-scenes photos ahead of the video’s release.

Typically when a contestant is eliminated from The Masked Singer, they release new music right away. This tactic has proven to be effective for many celebrities looking to re-launch their careers. Their names are still hot search topics and generating buzz weeks after the show airs.

Normally, the singers wait until right after their eliminations to put out music. After winning the first season of The Masked SingerT-Pain released 1UP the same day that the finale aired. He was able to turn his career around establishing himself as an incredible singer. Hanson could be getting ahead of the game.

Fans seem to think that because Hanson put out music immediately before the show airs tonight, it means they will be unmasked at the end of the episode. Nicole Scherzinger was the first judge to crack the code a few weeks ago. She guessed early on that Hanson is underneath the multiple Russian Dolls masks.

“I’m worried this was released today because they are voted off masked singer today!?” one fan wrote on Hanson’s Instagram announcement about their new song.

The Group Announced a Big Project is in the Works

Isaac also posted that the group will be coming out with new music each month for the rest of the year. All leading up to the release of their album Against the World. This would be the perfect time to start putting out music, just before viewers of the show begin Googling the group’s accolades and history once they are revealed.

The trailer for the Feisty Five episode mentions an “unexpected reveal.” The Russian Dolls are the frontrunners of the competition, so their elimination before the finale would come as a total shock. If Hanson is unmasked tonight, this would crack the door wide open for The Black Swan to bring home the win. We have a pretty good idea about who is under the mask.