HANSON: Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

By | December 17, 2020

This month we are getting all your input on the set list for our January livestreams for our Listener’s Choice stream theme. With listening on the brain, here’s a flashback to Underneath Tour days where the headphone icon made its premiere. Are You Listening?

We hope you are all enjoying voting for the set list we will be playing for our January Streaming Concert Series, “Listeners Choice”. We still have new polls going up every weekday from now through Christmas Eve, but starting today along side our public polls on Twitter, we will be asking Hanson.net members to vote on the Encores for each stream.

Our public twitter polls will continue every weekday, but if you are a Hanson.net member you can also login to Hanson.net and vote for the nightly encores that will be played during the Listener’s Choice Streams. The encore voting will happen on the same schedule as the public Twitter voting, so check back every weekday from now through Christmas Eve to let your choice be known.

We are just one week from Christmas, and that means if you don’t have everything checked off your list, you are probably in a mad dash from store to store. We may not be Santa Claus, but we’re hoping what you really need is a little something to listen to. Things are shutting down here in Tulsa, but we are not going to be leaving without sharing one more present of sorts, the last episode of HTP for 2020. Next Wednesday look for Episode 18, this time celebrating Finally It’s Christmas!

Thank you all for making this last three months of 2020 such a bright spot for us. The streaming concerts have been such a welcome return to what we love and we hope they have been the same for all of you. We are only a few weeks away from a new year and a new set of streams. We are hopeful 2021 will see the return of many more in person concerts and a lot of new music. We’re already thinking about the 2021 Member EP, and what the perfect companion will be to go along side the release of Against The World.

Thank you for all your patience and support this year, and for lending a hand to help local venues and artists across the globe who have been struggling to find a new way to share their craft. We hope you have an amazing holiday, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Isaac Taylor and Zac

The Listener’s Choice concert will give fans a chance to hear a variety of songs from the band’s catalog based on the daily head to head song voting on Twitter making each show unique. For information on the livestreaming concerts, go to Hanson.net.


Member Exclusive: Encore Voting! Members are invited to vote each day for the encores you’d like to hear for the January Listener’s Choice Streams!