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By | April 2, 2020


This week we lost a good friend, Adam Schlesinger, to complications resulting from the Covid 19 virus. Adam was a long time collaborator and band mate of Taylor in Tinted Windows, and we are deeply saddened at this loss. Our sincerest thoughts and prayers go to Adam’s family and the many people he touched through his music, we all feel a great loss.


Just a few days ago on March 31st, Hanson.net celebrated its 20th anniversary! Two decades ago the internet was a completely different universe (amongst other things Hanson.net started as an ISP), but one thing has remained the same and that is this community’s dedication to music. Over the years, we have shared a tremendous amount of it. Even though we are all in quarantine, we have been digging deep to share unique songs and renditions from the members exclusive catalog.

Hanson.net members, make sure to head over to the Hanson.net blog to checkout some of the songs we have been posting and be sure to come back on April 6th for more details about HANSON Day 2020 and how we plan to celebrate together in May. Nothing makes time fly faster than something to look forward to and May will be here in an MMMBop.

On a more somber note, this week we lost a good friend, Adam Schlesinger, to complications resulting from the Covid 19 virus. A long time collaborator and friend of more than twenty years (and bandmate to Taylor in Tinted Windows) we are deeply saddened at losing such a brilliant artists and good friend. We encourage you to discover his work online, listen to it loud and like us, take stock of the friends (and the songs) that keep us company through the good days and the bad.

Isaac, Taylor And Zac


Looking for a little entertainment? Make sure to follow @isaachanson on Instagram and tune in for more Quaranstreams next week.

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Members Exclusive: To celebrate 20 years of Hanson.net, we are sharing some deep cuts from the Hanson.net catalog so make sure to check the Hanson.net blog! Thank you to all the many members who have been around for literally decades. We look forward to celebrating 40 years with you soon!


We’ll announce some of our new plans for HDay and the year on April 6th at 1pm CT.


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