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By | April 13, 2019


Excited we just captured some great images for the In Real Life, Hanson.net EP, complete with brother road trips down route 66. Can’t wait to share images and music in May.


Walk outside and you can feel the winds of change. Spring is here and we’re thirty-four days away from HANSON Day 2019 and The Hop Jam. One of the many things that makes HANSON Day special is all the content that we premier during the weekend.  Paintings, photos, our new EP, In Real Life (the members ep for 2019) will be releasing to members during the weekend, but lets not forget the other musical experience we will be sharing, Edible Digital Pants.

What are Digital Pants?

Edible Digital Pants represents the third installment is a series which is most aptly described as high-quality nonsense! It is a tapestry of incoherent rambling all from the mind of Zac Hanson. Edible Digital Pants marks the first attempt to channel the flow of ill-conceived song ideas into a single concept, songs on the theme of food. If you are attending HDay, make sure to get a ticket to the HANSON Day Listening Party so you can hear the results and take home a copy.

Isaac, Taylor And Zac


Fan Club Exclusive: Join us on May 16th, 17th and 18th for HANSON Day weekend in celebration of 27 years of HANSON music!

Get your ticket to the Listening Party now! Be the first people ever to hear the latest installment in the digital pants collection, Edible Digital Pants. Join with other Hanson.net members on Friday May 17th at the Vanguard music venue in Downtown Tulsa for the premiere of this new EP.  Don’t miss this one of a kind HANSON Day event. Each session will allow Fan Club members to listen to Zac’s latest musical creation. There will be 5 sessions to allow as many members as possible to attend. [Ticket for Listening Party includes an EP of the songs from the Edible Digital Pants and an Exclusive Lunchbox made only for members that attend the Listening Party at HANSON Day.]

The full event schedule is now available HERE with all special event tickets on sale NOW!

The Tulsa Guide is now available for HDay attendees.

For more information visit www.Hanson.net


With the String Theory album and tour just around the corner, don’t forget to renew your Hanson.net membership for 2019!
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