Where Are the Hanson Brothers Now?

By | March 24, 2019

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There once was a time when you couldn’t listen to the radio (this was before the invention of iTunes, Spotify, or Pandora) without hearing “MMMBop” by Hanson, a boy band made up of the Hanson brothers. It’s been 22 years since their song first hit the airwaves. So, where are the Hanson brothers now?

In 1997, the Hanson brothers — Isaac, Taylor, and Zac — had long hair and wore necklaces and plaid shirts. It was the nineties after all. But since then they’ve

They never stopped making music

Hanson has continued creating new music and touring for the last 25 years sans the long hair. The brothers founded the band in 1992 when they were 11, nine, and six years old. Now in their thirties, they don’t seem to have slowed down one bit since their rise to fame.

Isaac, Taylor, and Zac Hanson | Tim Roney/Getty Images

The band’s newest album, String Theory, uses symphonic arrangements and encompasses 22 songs from their catalog of songs including “MMMBop.”

They publish weekly photos on their website, go on tour, hold special shows, and have established Hanson Day, a celebration of the band’s founding combining music, art, and community.

Aside from their music careers, the brothers have another passion, beer. Together they founded The Hanson Brothers Beer Co. based in Tulsa, Oklahoma. They donate a portion of their sales to charity, give away a free song with every bottle of beer, and go by the formula, “Beer + Music = Awesome.”

The brothers now have children of their own

Between the three brothers (who are three of seven children) they have 13 kids.

“It’s a cool thing,” Zac told Lorraine Kelly during a March episode of the U.K. daytime show, Lorraine, according to People. “We spend a lot of time together touring, in the studio and around each other, so our kids know each other really, really well,” Zac said.

Taylor, 35, has six kid with his wife, Natalie Bryant. Taylor and Bryant got married in Georgia in 2002. They have four sons: Claude Indiana Emmanuel, 11 weeks, Viggo Moriah, 10, River Samuel, 12, and Jordan Ezra, 16. And two daughters: Wilhelmina “Willa” Jane, 6, and Penelope “Penny” Anne, 13.

Zac, 33, dated his girlfriend, Kate Tucker, for five years before getting married in June 2006. Zac and Tucker have four children: Mary Lucille Diana, who is almost 3, George Abraham Walker, 5, Junia Rosa Ruth, 8, and John Ira Shepherd, 10.

Isaac, 38, got married in October 2006 to Nicole Dufresne in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Together they have three children. A daughter, Nina Odette, who is four-and-a-half years old, and two sons James Monroe, 10, and Clarke Everett, 11.

They want to ‘stand the test of time’

In the band’s interview with People, they discussed the diversity of their music. “A well-written song, in our mind, is one that can be reinvented and refined and re-skinned and still be good,” Taylor said.

Zac Hanson, Taylor Hanson, and Isaac Hanson | Justin Lloyd / Newspix / Getty Images

This concept plays into their newest album. It’s also how they keep their most popular and well-known songs feeling fresh.

“A song like ‘MMMBop,’ our most known song, we’ve played it acoustically [and so many other ways] … and now it’s wrapped around a symphony and a whole new life and energy comes to it. So our takeaway is that a good song can stand the test of time and can take you to new places.”