Hanson comemora 25 anos de carreira com show animado em São Paulo

By | August 28, 2017

Correio Do Estado [Translated]

Hanson celebrates 25 years of career with live show in São Paulo

Pop phenomenon of the 1990s, the American trio Hanson performed on Saturday night (26), at Citibank Hall, in São Paulo.

Formed by brothers Isaac (guitar and vocals), Taylor (piano and voice) and Zachary (drums and vocals), the group drew attention at the time because it was formed by talented (and hairy) teenagers – they were, respectively, 16, 13 And 11 years when they blew up worldwide with “Mmmbop”.

The show is part of the commemorative tour of the band’s 25-year career, as well as marking the 20th anniversary of their first commercial album, “Middle of Nowhere” – that’s where “Mmmbop” is. Before, they performed in Rio de Janeiro and Belo Horizonte.

Despite never having achieved the spectacular success of the first hit, the trio remained active: it released five other albums, a brand of beers (called Mmmhops) and, in May of this year, the single “I Was Born.” With this, the faithful fan base has also remained active, which has aged with them and today is formed, mostly, by women in their 30s.

It was they who filled the space at Citibank Hall late Saturday with the same enthusiasm of adolescence – many wore t-shirts with phrases like “Taylor Hanson was my first love”, plus banners and Posters.

On stage, the group returns the affection of the audience. In an extensive, almost two-hour show, he toured every moment of his career with songs like “If Only,” “This Time Around,” “Save Me,” and “Thinking ’bout Somethin.” Performance has no signatures. They are, their instruments, two musicians of support, and only. There are no scenarios, projections or special lighting. But there is a lot of interaction with the public, thanks, mentions to other visits to Brazil and, in the end, a proposal: in case the audience promises to return to see them, they promise to return to the country.

The trio ends their Brazil tour with a show at the Fonte Nova Arena in Salvador, on Sunday (27). Tickets cost from R $ 90 (half-ticket) and can be purchased at www.bilheteriavirtual.com.br

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