Aos 33 anos, Yara realizou sonho de adolescência e conheceu os Hanson

By | August 28, 2017

Campo Grande News [Translated]

At age 33, Yara performed a teenage dream and met the Hanson

By the time the trio burst, she was only 13 years old, with no financial conditions to go to the show

Yara no show, segurando a plaquinha “20 anos depois”. (Foto: Acervo Pessoal)

When journalist Yara Dosso was 13, a worldwide phenomenon of pop music exploded, attracting a legion of fans around the planet, especially the girls. It was the trio of brothers and musicians Isaac, Taylor and Zac, who signed with the last name: Hanson. By the time they won the charts with the hit “MMMBop”, the boys were only 16, 14 and 11 years old. It was what most charmed Yara.

“Imagine a kid who played drums like that. They had incredible musicality,” he says. “I liked, first of all, the rhythm of the songs, and also of their history, of three brothers who learned to play with their father.”

Yara was the typical card fan. It had a huge collection of posters, magazines, and special articles. He recorded all the trio’s appearances on television on VHS and devoted himself, almost full-time, to the affection for the group. Love was great, but she had never been able to see them live.

“My parents were humble, I was a teenager, I had no money, they came to Brazil, but I did not go,” he says. In addition, his huge collection of Hanson articles ended up being lost along with the change of a friend. “I had taken my things to her house, she moved, we lost touch, I lost everything. I’m sad about it to this day.”

The 1997 photo, showing the journalist’s collection. (Photo: Acervo Pessoal)
The 1997 photo, showing the journalist’s collection. (Photo: Acervo Pessoal)
Many years have passed. From the past, there is only one photo from 1997 that shows Yara’s collection, lying on her bed and raised.

This year, Hanson announced a quick tour of Brazil, through Belo Horizonte, last Friday. Yara, who is now a married journalist, glimpsed the chance she never had. “I saw on a news portal that they were coming in. My husband said, ‘Let’s make this dream come true.’ He gives me the most support, we’re very close.”

Yara and Erlon chose to go to the Minas Gerais show because they have relatives in the region, an uncle and two nephews, who helped in the entire process of buying tickets and lodging. The show, packed with old hits and current songs, was tanned until the last minute by Campo-Grandense. “I almost went crazy, I went back to my 12 years of age, my heart beat hard,” he says. “The hour I saw them coming in, I could not believe that after 20 years I was there.” My eye filled with tears.

But, not to pay tribute to the family, Yara says she held on to the emotion. She was only crying the very next day, when she got an exclusive autograph from the boys.

That’s because Yara’s niece, Bruna, knew one of the security guards hired to protect the Hansons. It was the perfect opportunity. “I went to the hotel the next day to try to talk to them.I could not.I gave my 1997 photo to my niece’s known security.He managed to get the photo for them to autograph,” celebrates Yara .

When he saw the photo, there was another wave of emotion. “I’m crying horrors,” said the journalist, who this time could not hold back her tears. She may have lost all of her precious collection, but now she has a photo of her with an autograph unique to the idols.

Os ingressos e a foto da coleção de Yara, autografada pelos irmãos. (Foto: Acervo Pessoal)

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