VIDEO: Hanson celebrates 25 years

By | August 15, 2017

POSTA [translated]

MONTERREY, NUEVO LEÓN – The most successful pop rock trio of the 1990s returned to Monterrey to celebrate its 25th anniversary with its musical tour “Middle of Everywhere 25th Anniversary World Tour”.

At 7:16 pm, the lights of the Rio 70 were turned off to start the Hanson’s royal festival . The night began to the rhythm of “Already Home” generating a great ovation among the thousand attendees.

Thank you very much Monterrey … Thank you for being here tonight

The brothers did not fail to surprise their followers with their great talent and simplicity. The Hanson proved to have the same talent as 25 years ago singing songs like “On and On”, “MmmBop”, “If Only”.

A concert full of feelings was what was lived in the Rio 70. The extreme feeling and happiness of his followers could be seen through their expressions that sometimes came to tears.

You are crazy

“I Was Born” , is the new song that the group is promoting.

This song talks about the feeling you have when you do something … you were born to do something different to everyone else … you have to decide to go for it