HNET Newsletter- July 13, 2017

By | July 13, 2017


Here are Taylor and Zac backstage during the first leg of the Middle Of Everywhere Tour in Australia, discussing one of the many set lists. Who has seen a show? Did you have a favorite set list or song?


As we speak, we are heading for the east coast, destination NYC, to play the Fox summer concert series and the master the new Christmas album. It has been a long road to get here, even when you leave out that fans have been asking us to record a follow up to Snowed In since its release 20 years ago. Almost a year ago we started preproduction on Finally It’s Christmas. Now after writing, weeks of recording, mixing and re-mixing, we are just inches from the finish line.

After a few weeks back home, we are rapidly approaching the South American leg of the Middle Of Everywhere world tour.  We see fans from Brazil and Argentina and Mexico travel all over the world to see shows so it feels good to be traveling to see them this time around.

Looking forward to see many of you tomorrow morning in New York, it will be a nice preview before the US shows start in September.

Isaac, Taylor and Zac


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