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Trespass Against Us – Musicians Who Know The Score

CelebMix Next time you find yourself at the cinema watching the latest hip feature, pay a little attention to the film score: there’s every chance an equally cool musician has composed it. Films such as The Social Network, Tron: Legacy and Trespass Against Us all have scores by bands or pop stars rather than traditional film composers. A film score,… Read More »

Hanson – The Enmore Theatre, Sydney – June 21, 2017

May The Rock Be With You Twenty five years as a band is no mean feat, I mean I guess when you’re brothers you’re stuck with each other but in terms of making music Hanson continue to do it, and while here on this twenty fifth anniversary of their existence as a band and twenty years since the… Read More »

Hanson on Vinyl Soul Podcast

Ep 42: Hanson & Donnarumma Released26 June 2017 How have 90s boy band Hanson turned out so normal?! Isaac, Taylor and Zac Hanson discuss their lives in the music world, how to have a long lasting career and Hanson the next generation, their kids! Speaking of three pieces bands, Donnarumma drop by too to tell you about their… Read More »

The 100 Greatest Pop Songs of 1997: Critic’s Picks

Billboard Pop music tends to evolve slowly, gradually swaying from one trend to the next without sharp turns or dramatic spikes. Some years, though, you can listen to the radio and really feel the ground shifting, if not outright quaking, beneath your feet. 1997 was one of those years. The first half of the ’90s was largely defined by… Read More »

Hanson streams spiked 235% during Australian tour

The Industry Observer Spotify streams for Hanson soared during the trio’s tour of Australia and New Zealand last month. Spotify Australia told TIO the band’s plays were up 235% on the service as they brought their Middle Of Everywhere tour to seven local stops, including two shows each in Sydney and Melbourne. The tour marked 20 years since… Read More »