There are so many reasons to fall back in love with Hanson

By | June 23, 2017

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Ready to swoon like your 16-year-old self? Yeah, you are.

Jun 22, 2017 5:00pm
By Carrissa Lawrie and Alix Nicholson
Taylor, Zac and Isaac Hanson MMMBopped into our hearts in the ’90s, and in 2017, they’re back in a massive way.

There was something about the long, flowing blonde locks and beyond-belief catchy tunes of brother pop trio Hanson that had us all totally hooked during their late-1990s heyday.

Fast-forward a couple of decades (anyone else feeling ancient?) and our favourite teen crushes – Taylor, Zac and Isaac – are all grown up, smack bang in the middle of a new world tour (Middle Of Everywhere, ICYMI) and are, right now, this very minute, IN AUSTRALIA!
In more than 20 years, we haven’t stopped loving these guys – who, PS, are all now dads/married/still really hot.

But now there are even more reasons to crush on Taylor, 34, Zac, 31, and Isaac, 36.

Where Is The Love?

Right here, guys. Right here.

They love an Aussie drop

Taylor tells OK! the guys love coming to Oz because we have “good beer” down here. (Well, they’re right, tbh…)

That’s very important to the trio, who created their own brew, Mmmhops, in 2013. Will we see it in our bars soon? “We hope so!” laughs Tay.

Anyone for a cheeky bevvy?
They adore their fans

All of our tween dreams came true for three extremely lucky ladies. “We met all our wives at [Hanson] concerts,” Zac tells Entertainment Weekly.

Issac spotted his missus Nicole in the crowd, while Taylor and Zac met their ladies, Natalie and Kate respectively, backstage after a gig. How sweet.

They’re legit good guys

Beer is about as badarse as these boys get. Despite growing up in the spotlight, they haven’t been tempted by the darker side of fame like many child stars.

“Have we done stupid things? Definitely,” Taylor admits to OK!. “Are we chasing hookers and shooting up after the show? No, that sounds horrible.”

These cute kids have stayed on the straight and narrow.

They’re breeders

The guys have a whopping 12 kids between them – Isaac has three children, Taylor has five, and Zac has four.

So will any of their offspring follow in their footsteps?

“I can’t imagine there would literally be a second-generation Hanson because [the band’s] not a baton to be passed, but I can imagine these kids will make music at some point,” Taylor tells OK!.

They actually hate MMMBop covers (soz)

Well, this is awkward… the guys haven’t heard a good cover of MMMBop in the 20 years since it became a smash hit.

“I’ve got to be honest,” Taylor admits to Vulture magazine when asked. “No!”

The problem, according to Issac, is that, “People can’t sing the chorus right.” Although the brothers wouldn’t be opposed if one man in particular took it on.

“If Bruno Mars were interested, he’d probably find a way to kill it,” shares Isaac.

Oh, and they’re friends with Harry Styles

‘Nuff said…