From baby-faced teens to rugged hunks! Isaac, Taylor and Zac Tulsa from pop-band Hanson look VERY different 20 years after releasing their number one hit MMMBop

By | June 21, 2017

The Daily Mail

By Monique Friedlander For Daily Mail Australia
21:23 EDT 20 Jun 2017, updated 05:06 EDT 21 Jun 2017

It has been 20 years since cult 90s band Hanson shot to fame with their hit single MMMBop.

And Isaac, Taylor and Zac Tulsa looked worlds away from their former teen heartthrobs selves during their appearance on Australian breakfast TV show Sunrise this Wednesday.

The trio, who are now all in their early thirties, no longer sport the long blonde locks for which they became known two decades ago.
Now 31, Zac now sports a chiselled jawline and a much darker hair colour.

He is also the only member of Hanson to have retained his long hairstyle over the years.

The talented musician is the fourth youngest Grammy winner of all time and is skilled in the drums, guitar, percussion, vocals and piano.

He and his wife Kate Tucker share four children.

Zac’s older brother Taylor, 34, has also changed dramatically over the years.
Gone is his luscious blond mane and rosy-cheeked complexion, with the talented musician now sporting a short wavy hair-style and a shadow of stubble.

Taylor sings lead and back-up vocals as well as playing keyboard, guitar and drums.

Despite his celebrity status, Taylor has made to live his life outside of the spotlight in recent years.
Speaking to Vice, the handsome musician claimed that the reason he isn’t pictured in the tabloids is because of his laid-back lifestyle.

‘[My brothers and I] are little bit more casual, a little bit more private,’ he explained.

‘We really enjoy having a good time, but we are the guys at the bar watching the basketball game kind of people, versus feeling the need to make a**es of ourselves in public too much,’ he added.
Taylor and his wife Natalie Bryant are parents to five children.

Meanwhile, eldest Hanson band-member Isaac is 36-years-old and a father to three children with wife Nicole Dufresne.

Isaac has lobbed off his iconic long ponytail and these days sports a head of short, ash-blond hair.

His face-shape appears to be less pointed than it was in his youth, perhaps thanks to the placement of his goatee and squared hair-line.

This year, Hanson are planning their musical comeback with the release of their new single I Was Born.