Throwback Thursday: Musical Ride Tour

By | October 6, 2016

5 years ago, Hanson embarked on the “Musical Ride Tour” which had setlists that included 1 of their 5 studio albums in its entirety performed. ┬áThe album to be played each night was voted on by fans at ┬áThis tour was also special because there were screen printed posters made for each show in a limited edition of 25 for each show.

Let’s celebrate the Musical Ride Tour by completing the database!

The following shows from the tour need ticket stub images added:


The following shows need images of the limited edition posters added
(Some shows did not have posters. If any of the listed shows did not, please let us know!)

Chicago #1
Grand Rapids

The following shows need setlists added or completed:

Memphis, TN

Chicago #1


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