News Roundup: Christmas Edition

By | October 3, 2016

As you probably know, Hanson is currently in the studio with Mark Hudson working on their 2nd Christmas album with the working title “Wintery Mix”.  It will not be released until next year as part of the celebration of Snowed In turning 20 years old.

Several news outlets have picked up on the story that Hanson is working on the album and links to those articles can be found here:

Mmm Bop! Hanson will be releasing a Christmas album – Digital Spy 

Hanson is releasing a new Christmas album and we are so ready for it – Yahoo Style

Hanson working on a new Christmas album – Fox 23 

Hanson is working on a brand new Christmas album – Brit + Co

And 13 Christmas Songs That Only ’90s Kids Love features a song from Snowed In at #4 on their list:

4. Hanson — “Everybody Knows The Claus”

From Snowed In, an album which my family probably remembers as torturing them with incessantly repeated plays throughout the Christmas of ’97, Hanson’s “Everybody Knows The Claus” feels like a song that you already knew long before they sang it, except it’s actually one of their own original compositions, which is pretty impressive. Listen back and relive that massive crush you once held for Taylor Hanson.


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