HNET Newsletter Sep 30, 2016

By | September 30, 2016


It’s official, this week we brought the team back together to start work on the long-awaited follow up Christmas album to be released in 2017. Here’s a snap with our old friend and production partner, Mark Hudson, in the throes of Musical Christmas creation!


Christmas is coming early in 2016 because we are working on a follow up to our 1998 Christmas album, Snowed In.  For us that means decorations, sleigh bells, and trying to find a freshly fallen fir tree in September (not an easy task).  Many fans have been telling us for years we need to do another holiday album; it just took us a while to whittle the track list down to something manageable. 18 years to be exact.  We will not be releasing this new album until 2017, but once recording starts I am sure and social media will come along for the ride even if Jack Frost is not scheduled to arrive for a few months.

We are now less than two weeks from the release of Play.  It has been along time coming since we announced and began recording it during HANSON Day.  For all the fans that were in attendance, I hope you are able to pick out your voices on each song.  Having so many voices on the EP makes more than a cool story – it helped to create a beautiful sound that no amount of multi tracking our voices could replicate.  We are really proud of what we created with your help.

Don’t miss tonight’s members stream.  It starts at 6PM CT and we will be sharing footage of us working on Feeling Alive.  The stream will loop all weekend so everyone will have a chance to tune in and see how we make records.

Congratulations to ttegarden, you are the third and final winner in our Vinyl contest.  We hope you enjoy these special records as much as we have enjoyed making them. Taking the Loudand Play EPs and putting them both on a Vinyl was always how we envisioned this music.  Loudand Play become side A and B respectively, like the faces of a coin, joined at the seams, both contrasting and complimenting at the same time.

Isaac, Taylor and Zac


The 2016 Ornaments began shipping this week. Visit the store to see both of the designs selected by members.


Fan Club Exclusive: Fan Club members, don’t forget to join us tonight at 6pm CT for the fourth of five weekly streams on The Making of Play. The stream will loop all weekend.


Fan Club Exclusive: Thank you to all Fan Club members who participated in our Vinyl Contest.

Week #1 winner: EODXavier
Week #2 winner: fernandafefe
Congratulations to our week #3 winner: ttegarden