HNET Newsletter Jan 8, 2016

By | January 10, 2016


Here’s  pic of Taylor playing his solo show during the amazing week of the Back To The Island 2016 event (Best BTTI Yet). It’s been so great!


Back To The Island 2016 is almost complete, but WOW, has it been an amazing year on the island.  This year we brought the festivities back to Jamaica, but to a new resort.  The weather has been fantastic, and the music (including Paul McDonald and Parachute) has been a pleasure.  It is sad to know we will all be heading home tomorrow.  Many of us will go back to the cold, and some like ourselves, to a freshly fallen winter wonderland of snow, but all good things must come to a close and this week has been inspired.  We had a blast doing all the activities:  tie-dying on the beach, making Jamaican bracelets, playing trivia and all of the solo shows so far.  At this point, there is nothing left to do except play our hearts out tonight, dance til the wee hours at the after party, and sleep on the plane ride home.  Thank you to the amazing team of people who have helped make this the best year yet.  We can’t wait to come back!  We will be posting some videos from BTTI2016 all next week!

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