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HNET Newsletter Jan 8, 2016

WEEKLY PIC Here’s  pic of Taylor playing his solo show during the amazing week of the Back To The Island 2016 event (Best BTTI Yet). It’s been so great! MESSAGE FROM THE BAND Back To The Island 2016 is almost complete, but WOW, has it been an amazing year on the island.  This year we brought the festivities… Read More »

Back To The Island Concert Stats

Over the past week, Hanson did 4 concerts (or 3 or 6 or some other number depending on how you count them) in Runaway Bay Jamaica as part of the Back to the Island event.  Throughout the course of the week 101 songs were performed live, 99 of them being unique and 1 being a song that was… Read More »

Song vs Song Winner!

After a year of voting narrowing down all Hanson songs – Runaway Run has won Song vs Song for 2015.  This is Runaway Run’s second win as best Hanson song, as it was also crowned the winner of the first song vs song back in 2005-ish.  In 2011, Been There Before was crowned the winner.