Hnet Newsletter October 23 2015

By | October 23, 2015


The RNR Tour has been amazing and we have had just as much fun looking back into history as we are looking forward. In this pic, you can catch the detail on Isaac’s custom T-Town Special guitar with the year in which music first impacted our band. See you on the road!


Tonight we are in New Orleans for our second concert on the Roots & Rock ‘N’ Roll Tour.  As one might expect from this part of the country (The South) we are eating well and being treated well by the colorful local people and amazing fans who have traveled and waited in line to be a part of this tour.  Last night had a few musical firsts for the tour with the addition of some CSN and a new Leon Russell tune. There was a whole lot of dancing and a little cheese cake to celebrate Zac’s 30th birthday (Zac smashed the cake in his own face). Life on the road is good and if this morning’s Walk is any indication, tonight’s show is going to be a pleasure to perform.

Isaac, Taylor and Zac


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