Boyish MN pop star Owl City relives ’90s boyhood with Hanson

By | July 7, 2015


A scene from the “Unbelievable” video.

Owl City, an honorary member of Peter Pan’s Lost Boys, loves the ’90s. He also loves savvy marketing, which is why¬†Minnesota’s biggest contemporary pop star ostensibly recorded a BuzzFeed list put to song, “Unbelievable,” with “MMMbop” masterminds Hanson. An animated video for the bubbly, wistful, half-rapped ode to Clinton-era pop culture was issued last week. The synth-y nostalgia overdose is accompanied by a “Good Time”- alluding whistle hook and oh-so-many references. Among them:

The Lion King
Power Wheels
MC Hammer
Jurassic Park
Fresh Prince and Jazzy Jeff
Saved by the Bell
… it really just keeps on going. And based off the 576,000-ish views the video has earned, there appears to be high demand for the musical listicle. Satiate yourself below.

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