The ’90s Nostalgia Is ‘Unbelievable’ In Hanson’s Owl City Cameo

By | June 30, 2015


Who better to help you wax nostalgic about growing up in the ’90s with Fly Girl hair and a Delia’s catalog within arms reach at all times than Hanson — the blonde brothers boy band trio that had you Mmmbopping to “Where’s the Love” on your portable CD player on repeat?

Answer: No one. Because Hanson is/was/always will be the best.

Which is great news because Isaac, Taylor and Zac have done just that with their ultra throwback-ish cameo in Owl City’s “Unbelievable.” The vid features a nod to pretty much the entirety of our youth by way of a cartoon VHS tape and over two dozen lyrical pop culture references that have us clinging to our Dream Phones and wishing Urkel was still on prime time.

As they say, “it ruled in so many ways.”

Here are all 27 (!!) ’90s mentions from the song, just so you can feel extra sappy-happy about yesteryear.

  1. C3PO


  2. Mentos and Diet Coke

  3. Spaghettios


  4. Laser Tag

    Laser Tag GIF

    20th Century Fox
  5. “G.I. Joe”

  6. Blowing on Nintendo games

  7. “The Lion King”

    The Lion King

  8. Power Wheels

  9. ’90s Action Films

    Will Smith Independence Day

    20th Century Fox
  10. Dr. Pepper Jelly Beans

    Dr Pepper Jelly Bean

    Jelly Belly
  11. “Jurassic Park”

    Jurassic Park GIF

  12. VHS

    Technological Waste

    Getty Images
  13. Fresh Prince and Jazzy Jeff

    Embedded from
  14. Zack Morris’ First Cell Phone

  15. Gak

  16. Pogs

  17. Floam

  18. “Home Alone”

    Fox 2000
  19. Berenstain Bears

    Berenstain Bears

    Random House
  20. Beanbag Chairs

    Bean Bag Chair

    Meow GIFs
  21. L.A. Looks

    LA looks

    L.A. Looks
  22. “Goosebumps” Books

    Columbia Pics
  23. Etch A Sketch

  24. Grape Juicy Juice

  25. Dr. Seuss

  26. Slip ’N Slides

  27. McDonald’s Fries


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