Hanson Brings The 90’s Back With ‘Unbelievable’ Owl City Video

By | June 30, 2015

Hollywood Life

Nineties kids, your video is calling! Owl City teamed up with Hanson (omg!), to make the ultimate homage to the 1990s, and it does not disappoint. From Nintendo to ‘Jurassic Park,’ it’s all here!

When Adam Young, aka Owl City, wanted to write a song about the 90’s, he knew who to call — the kings of 90’s pop themselves, Hanson! The brothers teamed up with the one-man band for an amazing song called “Unbelievable” about everything that made growing up in the 90’s great, and now they have an incredible, animated video to match! Watch for a glimpse of your favorites!

What better way is there to take a trip through the world of a 90’s childhood than to be led there by a magical VHS tape while listening to the dulcet tones of Hanson? The animated music video for “Unbelievable” takes viewers on a journey through the delights of any kid-turned-adult’s dreams, as we all look back and remember what made being a young person in the 90’s special. From chowing down on SpaghettiOs, to watching Fresh Prince with your buddies and taking a moment out of your Mario Party to blow on the Nintendo cartridge, everything 90’s is there in all its glory.


“The newest thing was Lion King, and I could feel the love,” Owl City sings with passion. Aren’t you feeling that emotion like it was yesterday? I’m not upset about Mufasa dying right now, I swear; it’s just a little dusty in here, that’s all. What makes this music video so totally, supremely retro and awesome is the fact that Hanson is Owl City’s collaborator. The now grown-up and very handsome (yes, we can still tell even when they’re animated!) Hanson brothers have taken their sound so much farther from the days of “MMMBop.” Apparently, the brothers even wrote some of the song themselves. Rock that keytar, dudes!

This video has us dying to pick up a copy of Goosebumps and snack on some sugary cereal in front of Saturday morning cartoons. HollywoodLifers, did you like Owl City and Hanson’s collaboration? Are you missing the 90’s as much as us? Tell us in the comments and be sure to take our poll!

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