HNET Newsletter Oct 24, 2014

By | October 24, 2014


Taylor and Zac conduct scientific experiments as a part of their latest entrepreneurial endeavor, HANSON Labs


This past week has been really full.  We have been doing everything from traveling around Oklahoma talking about Mmmhops to enjoying festivities for Zac’s birthday to recording new music for Super Digital Pants to Taylor taking part in the Forbes 30 under 30.  Probably the most important thing we have been working on this week is our next Alive Tonight stream, which is about a week away on November 1st.  We love the platform streaming gives us to play music and tell stories, answer questions and share our love of pumpkin mutilation with all of you.  Maybe the most exciting thing about this next stream for us is the A Song To Sing Contest.  There have been well over 1,000 songs submitted for us to cover as a part of the contest but after looking through all of them we have narrowed the songs down to just three potentials, and for the next few days (until Tuesday the 28th) members get to vote to pick the winner, which we will play as a part of the November 1st Alive Tonight stream.

We hope you will join us next weekend, come ready to bake, rock, talk, and most definitely laugh.

Isaac, Taylor and Zac


This week two songs have been added to the Super Digital Pants EP.  The Super Digital Pants EP includes the most remarkable and random music written and recorded exclusively for members.  Check back throughout the 2014 – 2015 as more songs continue to be added to this soon to be a cult classic EP.

  • The Golden Rule: Originally recorded in October of 2013 but available for download for the first time.
  • Launch Time: A brand new never before released song


Join HANSON for a public LiveStream on November 1st at 8pm CT. A members Only Stream will follow immediately after. During the stream, HANSON will take questions, play live music and more.


Over the last week we have received an overwhelming number of song submissions for the A Song To Sing Contest.  Now those songs have been narrowed down to just three potentials and we need members to cast their vote and pick the winning song.

Voting is open through Tuesday October 28th at 11:59pm CT so cast your vote while there is still time     calendar     blog     news     media     store     forums     streaming
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