A conversation with Hanson

By | August 18, 2014

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Yesterday, I got to sit down with two of the Hanson brothers – Isaac and Taylor.

Zac was resting his vocal chords.

This was their first visit to New Zealand and I was their first interview here. They were as I’d expected; Polite, genuine and happy to joke around.

Hanson are a fascinating case study, hitting it big with ‘MMMBop’ in the late ’90s, yet somehow managing to keep their heads screwed on.

There’s been no Bieber moment for these brothers. Yet.

“We might be more messed up than we seem!” jokes Taylor.

“I think we’re hiding it really well, we’re extraordinary narcissists, adds older brother Isaac.”

In this interview, we talk about the serious answer to this question – and a bunch of other topics, from their 10 albums, to Hanson’s remarkable fanbase.

Watch the full, uncut interview.

3 News

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