Interview: Hanson – “All Musicians Are Entrepreneurs”

By | August 13, 2014

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Interview: Hanson – “All Musicians Are Entrepreneurs”

Hanson, the American pop-rock sibling trio responsible for provoking teen hysteria in the mid 90s, are currently in the country playing shows on their Anthem World Tour. Music Feeds managed to catch up with brothers Isaac, Taylor, and Zac and chat about what it’s like balancing the music and the business.

“It starts with passion for the music, you do the business because of the passion for the music,” explains Taylor. “All musicians are entrepreneurs whether they realise it or not,” adds Zac. “You have this band or this music you created and it has this identity, and just like someone who started a cool hotel chain, you have this responsibility of, ‘how is this going to be represented in the world?’ I care about it, I’m making it, I’m creating it, so I want to be a part of all those processes.”

The pop-rock trio sad their “view form the top” and bad experiences with major label mergers in a “messed up” industry gave them the push to go out and do things on their own, establishing their own label and deciding themselves how they want their music to be shared.

“It has been cool to watch technology catch up to the way we wanted to run our business as a band,” says Taylor. “Bandwidth is high, mobile is really cool. Things we always wanted to do when we first started the label are kind of coming of age now.”

Hanson continue their run of dates in Australia at The Hi-Fi in Sydney tonight, before playing Fremantle and Auckland.

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