10 One hit wonders: from fame to oblivion

By | August 7, 2014

Chilango (translated using google translate)

They had a hit. After that, anonymity swallowed. And it kept force in the music industry is not easy.

You may be like the donkey who played the flute and Logres position a success, but after that requires talent, persistence and charisma. And not just anyone.

I leave a list of those one hit wonders that despite all, never forget.It rained, children!



More than one suffered a confusion on the part of these hills. It is thanks to their high voices and their blonde hair, some even think that the younger siblings were actually girls I. This song hits so hard that he was nominated for two Grammys and is at number 20 in the ranking of VH1’s “100 greatest songs of the 90’s”.

Although they had some simpler, none returned them to stick as much as their MMMBop’.

Fun Facts ¿? It’s the song that Dr. House has the ringtone in the fifth season of the series. We can see the Hanson brothers in the video ‘Last Friday Night’ by Katy Perry, pure enlivening pinshi pari járcor.






Más de uno sufrió una confusión por parte de estos morros. Y es que gracias a sus voces agudas y a sus cabelleras rubias, algunos llegaron a pensar que los hermanitos menores en realidad eran chavitas. Esta canción pegó con tal fuerza que estuvo nominada a dos Grammy y está en el número 20 del ranking de VH1 de “Las 100 canciones más grandiosas de los 90’s”.

Aunque tuvieron algunos sencillos más, ninguno les volvió a pegar tanto como su ‘MMMBop’.

¿Datos curiosos? Es la canción que el Dr. House tiene como ringtone en la quinta temporada de la serie. Podemos ver a los hermanos Hanson en el video ‘Last Friday Night’ de Katy Perry, amenizando la pura pinshi pari járcor.

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