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By | March 22, 2014

Things are a bit quiet in Hanson-land as we wait for the announcement of the Australian tour and gear up for all the MOE Events in May.  We figure now is the best time to go through all our Hanson memory boxes and find our old Hanson tickets and get the tour archive updated with some ticket scans!

Tickets can be submitted through the Submit a Ticket form, or by emailing tickets@hansonstage.com  (Digital photos, scans, or photos taken with your phone are all accepted.  Signed tickets are also ok!)

The Albertane Tour
-The Tour Archive is complete!

This Time Around Tour
September 9 Hampton, VA
September 13 York, PA
November 4 Buenos Aires, Argentina
November 10 Sao Paulo, Brazil
November 12 Porto Alegre, Brazil
November 17 Belo Horizonte, Brazil

Underneath Acoustic Tour
August 25 Las Vegas NV
August 28 Los Angeles, CA
September 5 San Diego, CA
September 7 Reno, NV
September 12 Boise, ID
October 10 Toronto, Ontario (ticket w/ rescheduled date on it – if it’s out there)

Underneath Tour 2004
November 22 Tokyo, Japan
November 23 Osaka, Japan
November 25 Nagoya, Japan
November 26 Tokyo, Japan
November 28 Jakarta
December 5 Beijing
December 9 Kuala Kumpur

Underneath Tour 2005
-The Tour Archive is complete!

The Walk Tour 2007
September 27 Pittsburgh
October 20 St Petersburg
October 21 Orlando
November 5 San Francisco
November 11 Tulsa

The Walk Around The World Tour 2008
-The Tour Archive is complete!

Use Your Soul Tour 2009
-The Tour Archive is complete!

Bamboozle Road Show 2010
May 25 West Palm Beach, FL

Shout It Out Tour 2010
September 18 San Diego, CA

5 0f 5 London
-all 5 shows

June 12 Pinkpop
August 20 VFestival Stafford UK
August 21 VFestival Chelmsford UK

2011 Musical Ride Tour
September 4 Seattle
September 5 Portland
September 9 Memphis
September 13 Phoenix
September 18 Albuquerque
October 17 Lancaster
October 21 Philly

Shout It Out Tour 2011
November 11 Santiago
November 15 Stuttgart
November 16 Cologne
November 18 Amsterdam
November 20 Milan
November 22 Paris
November 25 Edinburgh
November 27 Birmingham

Shout It Out Tour 2012
January 23 Vancouver
January 24 Kelowna
January 24 Peticton
January 29 Nelson
February 4 Thunder Bay
February 6 North Bay
February 9 Belleville
March 31 Cebu
September 11 Brisbane
September 15 Sydney
September 18 Melbourne
September 20 Brisbane

ANTHEM World Tour 2013
August 26 St Paul
August 27 St Paul
September 6 London ON
September 9 Birmingham
September 17 Albuquerque
September 18 Denver
September 22 Tucson
September 25 Anaheim
September 30 Seattle
October 4 Regina SK
October 5 Calgary AB
October 8 Saskatoon SK
November 10 Montreal
November 14 Halifax
November 15 Halifax
November 17 Moncton
December 6 Cardiff
December 7 Birmingham
December 8 London
December 14 Solothurn



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