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Back to the Island Trivia – Day 2 ANSWERS

Here are the answers to the Back to the Island trivia contest from Day 2! 1. Which album has no lead by all three band members? Shout it  Out 2. Devil’s Nachos features who on guitar? Andrew WK 3. What is the furthest Hanson has played from their home in Tulsa? Fremantle Austrlia -HEAD TO HEAD – How… Read More »

Back to the Island Trivia – Day 1 ANSWERS

1. Which single is the song Cried the B side on? I Will Come To You 2. Since 1992, how many times has Hanson not performed as a trio? 1 3. Who was the only person to fill in for Zac during a live performance? Sam of Locksley -HEAD TO HEAD- How many total singles has Hanson released… Read More »

Tuesday Trivia

Several answers for last weeks question are probably not listed here… but a couple of songs that were written by Hanson and recorded by other artists include: Sandra McCraken “Goodbye George” and Eisley “One More Day With You” Most of these songs were written at Fools Banquet.   The bass line in Get The Girl Back was inspired… Read More »