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Back to the Island Trivia – Day 2

Here are the Back to the Island trivia questions for the second day. Answers will be posted at a later date.  (If you have a Hanson trivia question that you think is a stumper for us to use on Trivia Tuesday – email it to us blog@hansonstage.com and be sure to include the answer as well!) 1. Which… Read More »

Back to the Island Trivia – Day 1

I was originally going to “cheat” and use these questions as Trivia Tuesday for later in the year, but several people have requested I post them so instead I will post them and will need to come up with more Tuesday Trivia questions. (If you have one you think is a stumper, email it to blog@hansonstage.com! Be sure… Read More »

Back to the Island 2015 SOLD OUT!

Back to the Island 2015 in Cancun Mexico is sold out – Hanson.net currently has a wait list for those who wish to book when rooms become available.  To sign up, head over to the BTTI Page at Hanson.net ) and click “WAITLIST SIGN UP” to fill out the form with your booking information.  

Tuesday Trivia

According to Zac, the ultimate role model is Jesus. Hanson has written some songs that were used by other artists.  Name one!