Back to the Island Trivia – Day 1 ANSWERS

By | March 11, 2014


1. Which single is the song Cried the B side on?
I Will Come To You

2. Since 1992, how many times has Hanson not performed as a trio?

3. Who was the only person to fill in for Zac during a live performance?
Sam of Locksley

How many total singles has Hanson released off all their 6 studio albums?

4.  What was the greatest temperature difference between two consecutive Hanson concerts? (In Fahrenheit)
66  (13 degrees New Years Eve in Syracuse, 79 degrees Back to the Island night 1)

5. Where was the longest Hanson concert ever performed?
The Rock Boat

6. How long was the longest Hanson concert ever?
3 hours 30 minutes

Which of these people have not shared the stage with Hanson?
Barry Gibb

7. How many times does Isaac say “Minute Without You” in the song, Minute Without You?

8. Which of these songs does not feature all 3 Hansons singing a lead vocal on a verse / part of the song?

9. Finish this lyric: My superman’s covered in

10. How many people walked at the largest Take the Walk event to date?





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