Back To The Island II Itinerary Released!

By | December 19, 2013

For those of you heading to Back To The Island II next month, check your email because the itineraries have been sent! (And if you haven’t submitted your flight information, be sure to do so ASAP)¬† Hansonstage will be in attendance and we will try to update as much as possible from the event! We will also have full reports of all the shows & activities once we return.


Friday January 10

10pm HANSON Live – ANTHEM Show

Saturday January 11

11am – Zac Tie Dye Session for GREEN
3pm – Isaac’s Hancycolpedia contest for RED
5:30pm – Taylor solo show
10pm – HANSON Live – Fan Club Songs

Sunday January 12

11am – Zac Tie Dye Session for RED
3pm – Isaac’s Hancyclopedia contest for GREEN
5:30pm – Zac Solo show
10pm – Matt Wertz & Paul McDonald Live Show

Monday January 13

3pm Hanson Photos
5:30pm – Isaac solo show
10pm РHANSON Live Show РSetlist Voting
11:30pm – Afterparty with Taylor

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