@ live, the leadership at the concerts of the week: Hanson

By | December 19, 2013


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@live, la guida ai concerti della settimana: Hanson, M+A, Nardinocchi...

This is the week before Christmas. These days you go to hunt for gifts , we send greetings to relatives, we organize lunches and dinners , we are preparing for the holidays, at that period of madness in which everything seems suspended. And indeed most of the things we do in everyday life will be temporarily put on pause. Type the concerts . Aside from a few rare cases , the days ranging from Christmas Eve to January 7 were almost totally devoid of musical events, except for gospel concerts , typical of the end of the year , the classic New Year’s Day and a few choir Christmas which reaches its peak from the eve to twenty-six . These days you do not talk about rock, folk , alternative . Does not appoint the ambient, electronic and indie . In these days, the ears go on holiday, to regenerate in the new season . We too live @ we will take a break , right close to the holidays , but not before having greeted with a final batch of dates . Because it is true that everything is going to be paused , but to look good even after so much …

One by one , we start from this evening and arrive yarn to Sunday for the first touches to Hanson. Well, yes . Still exist? Yes, there are still three , namely , the three brothers ? Always yes, with short hair and beard more convinced . They released their ninth (!) Disk just in 2013 , ” Anthem” , which you will find below , and for what we do not do too much more news , you know that in the U.S. the band still fills arenas . Unbelievable but true . So who knows, maybe the General Stores will have a nice surprise. Under with mmmbop at full blast, without shame.

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