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By | July 20, 2013

If you would like to help us out by sending us the setlist from a show you are attending on the ANTHEM World Tour, please let us know in the comments. We are going by twitter names on the list but you can send the list to us via twitter, text or email.  We will be accepting 3-5 people per show just in case phones die, texts get lost, no reception, people can no longer attend shows, etc. If you sign up and then realize you will be unable to help us out, please let us know ASAP so we can find someone else if we need to.

For tweeting – either tweet the list to us @hansonstage, or just tweet us a heads up you’ll be tweeting the list so we know to check your feed.

If sending via email – send the list to  You can send song by song or the whole list at the end of the show – just give us a heads up of what you’re doing.

If sending via text – our number is (908) – 2HANSON

July 26 Mixtape Festival Hansonstage November 4 EPCOT 1,2,3  hnsnfn
August 26 St Paul November 5 EPCOT 1,2,3  hnsnfn
August 27 St Paul November 7 Philadelphia Hansonstage
August 28 Des Moines  itzkatiejo November 8 Pittsburgh Hansonstage
August 31 Boston Hansonstage November 9 Toronto
September 1 Long Island Hansonstage November 10 Montreal
September 2 Bethlehem Hansonstage November 12 Fredericton  jenrowsell
September 4 Richmond  hudson_coltrane November 14 Halifax
September 6 London  endless_highway November 15 Halifax
September 8 Atlanta  scarlettjadeee, TonyaAdams11 November 16 Summerside PEI  jenrowsell
September 9 Birmingham  scarlettjadeee November 17 Moncton  
September 10 Nashville  the_mayqueen, Myka234, aleciamarie21 November 19 Sayreville Hansonstage
September 11 Memphis  the_mayqueen, aleciamarie21 November 20 Charlotte  mendingbabylon
September 12 New Orleans  kinseylimpfy December 3 Glasgow  
September 15 Austin  brittneydeanne, Your_Illusion December 5 Manchester  
September 16 Dallas  brittneydeanne December 6 Cardiff  
September 17 Albuquerque  dieteeniescum December 8 London  
September 18 Denver  anna_banana30 December 10 Tilburg  
September 20 Salt Lake City December 11 Cologne  
September 21 Las Vegas hansonstage December 13 Paris  
September 22 Tucson December 14 Solothurn  
September 24 San Diego December 16 Rome  
September 25 Anaheim December 17 Milan  
September 26 Los Angeles  
September 28 Portland  
September 30 Seattle  
October 2 Vancouver
October 4 Regina
October 5 Calgary  
October 7 Sherwood Park  
October 8 Saskatoon  
October 9 Winnipeg  
October 10 Winnipeg  
October 12 Milwaukee  itzkatiejo  
October 13 Chicago  itzkatiejo  
October 14 Chicago  itzkatiejo, MendingBabylon  
October 15 Lawrence  dieteeniescum  
October 17 St Louis  pandabear8307  
October 18 Cincinnati  MendingBabylon, tabithawhaley  
October 19 Cleveland  MendingBabylon  
October 20 Detroit  MendingBabylon, itzkatiejo  

3 thoughts on “Setlist Signup List!

  1. Katie

    Katie (itzkatiejo on twitter) Des Moines , Milwaukee, Chicago 1, Chicago 2, Detroit

  2. Tabitha

    I can help with the Cincinnati show as twitter username is @tabithawhaley


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