New Video: Hanson, 'Get The Girl Back'

By | April 5, 2013


Watch Hanson's "Get The Girl Back" video.

Hanson enlisted Kat Dennings AND Nikki Reed for their “Get The Girl Back” video!

There will always be warm place in my heart for Hanson, and no, it’s not because one of my first “fast dances” with a boy was to¬†“MMMBop,” OR because I sang “If Only” to audition for my high school a cappella group. Fine, maybe those things help a little, but it’s more because Hanson is a fiercely talented, all-blonde band of brothers, and each of them play their own instruments! That said, we are incredibly pumped to bring you the boys’ new video for their shouty-brassy new jam, “Get The Girl Back,” which serves as the the first single off Hanson’s forthcoming NINTH studio album.

Watch Hanson’s “Get The Girl Back” video after the jump.

In “Get The Girl Back,” Taylor, Zac, and Isaac are getting ready to perform in a loud, crowded bar (am I the only one who wants to be like, “Shhhh, HANSON IS SINGING”?). As the boys rock out on stage (nice to see you’re still taking care of that hair, Taylor), we meet Hanson’s famous friends Kat Dennings and Nikki Reed, who are unfortunately right in the middle of a fight with their boyfriends, who just so happen to be another pair of famous dudes: Drake Bell and Drew Seeley. The “almost couples” circle each other, until finally, just as you think all parties involved are about to go to home alone, the men win over the women and the two gals walk out hand-in-hand with their guys. It’s actually pretty adorable, save for all the rude chatter while Hanson is singing. But we’re also kinda like, in what world is picking up a dude at a bar that easy in real life!? As Hanson would say,If Only.”

+ Watch Hanson’s “Get The Girl Back” video.

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