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WATCH: NKOTB settles the boy band debate once and for all

Z104 New Kids on the Block officially settled the score on which groups qualify as boy bands in the 2013 Boy Band Summit with KTU‘s Paul the Web Guy. Hear NKOTB’s thoughts on *NSYNC, Backstreet Boys, 98 Degrees, Hanson, Jonas Brothers and One Direction, and find out which song makes Donnie get up and dance! Check out the LOL video: NKOTB’s… Read More »

Demo Songs Track Listing

The Demos include 4 Demos of songs that are not in the ANTHEM album plus 7 Demos from the ANTHEM album songs. 1. Get The Girl Back – Demo 2. Scream and Be Free – Demo 3. Fired Up – Demo 4. Juliet – Demo 5. Already Home – Demo 6. For Your Love – Demo 7. Get… Read More »

Paul McDonald opening act?

  An email from the House of Blues Boston has mentioned that Paul McDonald will be performing with Hanson at the show. Could this mean he is the opening act?


Hollywood Movie and TV star Kat Dennings has accomplished a lot in her 26 years, but the actress tells Hollywood.com that only recently did she achieve one of the greatest moments of her career — starring in the music video for Hanson‘s new single, “Get the Girl Back.” Before you crack wise, yes, it’s that Hanson — the Hanson of “Mmmbop” fame, long hair, and young… Read More »

Get The Girl Back Video Premiere

NEW GET THE GIRL BACK PREMIERE! Get The Girl Back premieres on VH1 now! We are excited to tell you that the video for HANSON’s new single ‘Get The Girl Back’ is now live on VH1.com! The video features the band’s signature soulful pop-rock sound and the buzzworthy music video features Kat Dennings (Two Broke Girls) and Nikki… Read More »