HNET Newsletter Nov 2, 2012

By | November 2, 2012
New Fan Club Exclusive music, holiday gift wrap, Christmas Collection pre-order, message from the band and much more in this week’s newsletter!
  • NEW Message From The Band!
  • NEW FAN CLUB EXCLUSIVE Digital Pants Blog Songs – 2006 – 2012
  • NEW Christmas Collection Pre-Order
  • NEW Holiday Gift Wrap
  • NEW FAN CLUB EXCLUSIVE Store Discounts!
  • REMINDER Back To The Island – More Rooms Available!
  • NEW HANSON Asks – new questions
  • NEW HANSON 20th Daily Picture – Check out the latest daily picture posted each day celebrating 20 years of music
  • HANSON 20th daily picture recap – Check out all the pictures posted this week and the MANY more!
  • REMINDER Upcoming Appearances
  • HANSON 20th Trivia Winner
  • Join or Renew your membership!

NEW From The Band

This Week


We have had a really great week of writing. We worked on four new song ideas, and they all had great feels all their own. We will share the working titles, and you can try to imagine what they sound like.
Stay Here In My Arms Tonight
Pleasure With The Pain
Get So Low

We officially go into the studio this month. It is a big step to go from scratch recordings and demos to album quality performances, but we are excited for the challenge.

This week we are releasing Digital Pants: Volume One, a very random collection of songs that up until now were never available other than deep in the archives of the Members Only blogs. They are random, and in some cases less song than they are train of thought, but they should keep you well entertained while you wait out the next few weeks before switching over to the Christmas classics.

Isaac, Taylor and Zac

NEW FAN CLUB EXCLUSIVE Digital Pants Blog Songs – 2006 – 2012!

What is Digital Pants: Volume One?

Starting in 2006 random songs of all kinds began to show up in the blog section of staring with the song “Turning 21”, a song coined in honor of Zac Hanson’s twenty first birthday. Over the years there have been more than a dozen songs released this way, with the most recent addition being “ZOMBIE” Released for Halloween 2012. This music is so spastically inspired and discombobulated only a member could love it.

All 15 songs have been digitally re: mastered and are now available only to members as the album we fondly call “Digital Pants: Volume One”.

Also includes: “Hear Those Jingle Bells” a brand new Christmas song for 2012.

NEW Christmas Collection Pre-Order!

Pre-order your Christmas items by November 14th for guaranteed availability.
Pre-orders will begin shipping on November 24th.

NEW Holiday Gift Wrap!

HANSONize your gift giving this year with HANSON Gift Wrapping.
Gift Wrapping is available for orders placed from November 2nd – December 14th.

NEW Store Discounts!

REMINDER Back To The Island – More Rooms Now Available!

The Back To The Island Jamaican Concert Event is fast approaching and we can now make a handful of additional rooms available. Reservations are available for Breezes Grand Resort and will be on a first come, first serve basis. To attend Back To The Island, you must be a Fan Club member. If you are not yet a member, click here. For reservations and more details, please click here. We can’t wait to see everyone in Jamaica!

NEW HANSON Asks – new questions!

See the results of last week’s HANSON Asks polls and the brand new polls for this week available to HANSON.NET Members!

NEW HANSON 20th Daily Picture

Every single day starting back in May during the 20th anniversary HANSON DAY event we have been posting a daily picture highlighting a moment in HANSON History. Check out the new pic posted today!

HANSON 20th daily picture recap

Check out all the pictures posted this week and the MANY more that are posted every day on

REMINDER Upcoming Appearances!

Nov 7th: This episode of Drum Heads (Episode 3) will feature the creation of Zac’s drum kit and will air Nov 7th at 9pm on Halogen TV. Check local listings for time and channels in your area.

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