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Zac Hanson!!!

PowerFM   Thursday, 06 September 2012 10:26 Jules and Leigh were lucky enough to catch up with Zac from Hanson, talking about their fans, their new music, the chance of a Slipknot cover album and whether they’ll be coming to the Ballarat Beer festival. Check it out below starting off with where Hanson are now… Or download HERE


My teenage dream came true! I got to speak to the band I love so much- wow insane and so nervous but Taylor (yes Taylor!) was awesome and hopefully he doesn’t think I’m idiot cause I was so damn nervous……… here’s the interview enjoy- and yes I love/d them THAT much lol   http://soundcloud.com/loudrach/hanson-interview-rach


Pez caught up with Zach from 90’s boyband Hanson who are heading to Oz in September. Talking all things One Direction/Justin Bieber and if they still sing Mmmbop! http://soundcloud.com/perry-pez-laz/zach-hanson-and-pez-iv

Fan of the Month September – Ari

Name: Ari K. Age: 26 Location: Croatia What is the very first memory of Hanson you have? My very first memory is seeing the MMMBop video at a friends house, thinking it’s rather catchy and that those girls are cute. After a couple of months (on August 16, 1997, to be exact), I recall eating cereal and watching… Read More »