Fan of the Month September – Ari

By | September 6, 2012

Name: Ari K.

Age: 26

Location: Croatia

What is the very first memory of Hanson you have?
My very first memory is seeing the MMMBop video at a friends house, thinking it’s rather catchy and that those girls are cute. After a couple of months (on August 16, 1997, to be exact), I recall eating cereal and watching a live broadcast of Hanson’s show at Canada’s Wonderland in Toronto. I was blown away by their music and became a fan instantly. The rest is history! 🙂

How many times have you seen Hanson in concert? Favorite concert memory?
I have seen Hanson twice in Canada – once was  September 30, 2000, then again on October 10, 2003 – both shows in Toronto. My third show was on the SIO World Tour (since I’ve been living in Bosnia and Croatia since 2004) – November 22, 2011 in Paris France – had an amazing time seeing both Paris and Hanson (and Meiko as well). From those three shows though, my favourite memories are during the first show – being in the first few rows, experiencing my first concert, such an amazing experience! Though the Paris one was great too, as this was my wife’s and my first Hanson concert together.

What is your favorite Hanson song and why?
It’s hard to name just one. The first one that popped into my mind when reading this question was Got a Hold On Me. I absolutely adore to sound of it and the lyrics are brilliant. I’m also a huge fan of Give a Little, Thinking Bout Somethin, And I Waited, Tearing It Down, In a Way, I Am, Use Me Up, Bittersweet, Get Out Of My Heart, Been There Before, You Never Know, Lost Without Each Other and so on and so on 😀

Why do you like/love Hanson?

Hard to sum it up, but I guess if I had to I could reduce it to one word: (the) music. Another good word would be (the) experience. There is no other band that gives you such an awesome experience being a fan, music-wise, tour-wise, website-wise, merchandise-wise, everything together just makes it a one-of-a-kind experience. I guess you could say hanson’s fans are the luckiest in the world.

How long have you been a hanson fan?

Like described above, Ive been a fan since August 16, 1997 which means over 15 years now and counting.

Why should you be Fan of the Month?

Well, like many fans, I’ve been a fan for about a decade and a half. Hanson have been a major influence in my life and counting to be so every day. Over the years, many of my friends and relatives (and my proudest “converts”: my neice and my wife ) ) have become casual fans of Hanson’s music, a few going to their shows with me, others just listening to some music/watching some videos, etc. I promote the band any chance I get – even at school. For example, in my Multimedia applications course, I chose Hanson’s website for my project to present to the class – which meant the 30 or so students also got a chance to hear Give a Little in class 🙂  These are just some of the ways I promote Hanson every day.

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